Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Pog - Saving everyone again

Day 14

While resting for the night, well I don’t know if you can call it resting that chic snoring all night. But this strange fog moved in centered on Peelp. When he finally stepped through he was a she and she was a Halfling carrying a big ax. Later I found out a dwarf appeared as well. And Peelp well I hope Peelp is in a nice place.

Anyways in the morning we continue on our journey through the swamp and come to an outpost on the top of a waterfall. Some of our group spot movement. I don’t see how anyone can see anything in this place. Well they run up to get a better look and leave me behind again. One of these times I am not going to save the party and just watch them die from a distance. Yes, but not in this shadow plane place I don’t like it here. Anyways where was I. Oh ya most of them run around the building or block where I can ride Doormat in, so we test the swamp. Doormat did not like it. So I started buffing as we made our way to one of the windows close to the path. I heard some widows crashing on the other side and two girlish screams. I think David got hurt. Inside there were these two demonic creatures with tongues where their heads should be. The one on my right had this unnatural growth in its mouth. Oh Talos it’s what’s here name. Don’t worry Ill save you I let doormat kill the other one. Then we finished this one off. She’s alive. Apparently there were two more it’s good to know that Doormat and I are as good as the rest of the party combined. Oh it was Kurri that screamed, she is always getting herself into trouble.

So the path across the waterfall on a suspension bridge with a 1200 lb dog. We’ll be fine. Doormat you wait till we get across. Good dog. This bridge was sturdy let’s hope they all are.

Inside the tower we find an elemental of some kind with two big flails. Wow it hits hard then wait, it spins too. Oh that hit everyone that’s not good. Doormat take him down. With Doormat wrestling the earth elemental everyone was able to finish him off.

There are two more paths across bridges or there is a door with steps down lets go down I don’t like those bridges. Wow those are steep Doormat stay here. I get down to the bottom and he does not like being alone and starts down the stairs awful fast. With some miracle he hangs onto the edge and climbs up onto the platform of bones. This does not look good. As the undead rise up, we engage. This was a simple bash fest hardly even worth my time. With nothing else down here we climbed back up and rested for the night.

Day 15

I finally finished that studded leather armor out of that Cloaker skin. Doormat looks good and it looks like he finally learned how to protect me from danger. Silly dog. As we were crossing a long big with the group a long ways in front of Doormat and I out of nowhere a Dragon blasts them with acid. As I catch up to them dragon does a second volley. I get that new Halfling to ride Doormat with me. Doormat and I grow wings and fly off the bridge a little was to prepare the assault. The dragon came around for another blast and we charged it. Three of our group slumped to the ground and it apparently flew away. Coward I called after it. Checking the damage the only dead on was that ugly chick with Brother Gilbert and David only mostly dead. So close, so close. Oh well maybe next time.

After we patch up we head toward a cliff.

Pog - Well here we are now what do we do.

Addendum Day 12

After a lengthy discussion about should we take the boat should be go about on land. If we take the boat who rows who steers, what do we do with my oversized dog.

So finally I decided that with my superior navigation skills I was to steer the boat. Kurri and Gilbert would be the best rowers. That new freaky chic and Dave will help out rowing. And Peelp will perform lookout and refill the lantern along the river. Lest we appear to be something else. Though with Doormat lounging on the forecastle we will be hard to miss. Several of our “rowers” all except Kurri, somehow I knew that would be the case, got tired. Weak pathetic most of them wouldn’t even be good minions. I foresee either Peelp or the new chic not making it much farther. But if I can help it, I don’t think anyone would miss David. I know I wouldn’t. Apparently there some guardian that if you play this harp looking thing it won’t attack well since none of us has even seen one of these instruments before I guess we will just have to face this guardian with our usual flare for tactics. I mean wait till it surprises us then try like mad to kill it.

Sure enough in the dead of night I mean shadow, I mean of I don’t care there never is any natural light so I don’t know anymore. Anyways a huge skeletal crab like creature jumps up and tries to swamp the boat. Throwing nearly everyone around like the rag dolls they are. I was of course fine. And after a few encouraging words to Doormat attacked the thing until the rest of our group engaged. I sprouted fins and gills to engage it in its natural habitat. While Gilbert and Kurri attacked it in the front I engaged it in the rear. Chicky (If she stays around for at least 5 days I’ll learn her name) and Dave, blast it and heal. The new and improved Doormat ain’t so improved as he is new so I told him to back down before I have to replace him too. Well we were successful in defeating that monster and since I was finally getting tired I decided to rest on good solid land.

Day 13

We make are way to a keep. Well it used to be a keep now all the walls are crumbling and it looks abandoned, or would have been abandoned in the real world. Peelp made some comment about me going first. I said no problem and started to sneak forward. Doormat moved into the open courtyard. Hopefully they rush him so I gain the upper hand. Someone else spotted something. So they started rushing forward. Wow really. Chic made the vegetation grow to hold them down since they have got wings. That didn’t work. We took the first one down quick but the second on kept flying around. We finally finished him off too.

Working our way through the keep Peelp noticed a guy in a raised room and went to check it out. He came back and said he looked important. Then there was this long conversation about should we split up and those that can go fight him and others go in the front doors that we know nothing about. I made the decision to keep them all together as I don’t trust them to handle it without me. Turns out it was a good idea to stick together since the doors were locked. But wait we have Peelp he can, no I guess he can’t. While the majority of our group storms the window I have Doormat rip off a door. That was fun. It was tight quarters and even tighter when that blasted leader man thing summoned in monkeys to do his bidding. It was all for naught and we were able to slowly beat our way in.

Our final scrape of the day was not entertaining to say the least. First there was this giant porcupine screaming at us then they made the lights go out and all I know was that this crumbling wall that was in front of me did not have enough substance to climb over. Oh well at least no one could see me, I know Kurri would never let me here the end of it. Oh I got these slippers and I don’t slip anymore, look at me, look at me. I would tell her to walk off a cliff, but she would and down the side and back up just to piss me off.

Pog - The demise of Doormat Mark1

Day 10

Back inside and fully prepared we venture forth into a large room full of those dead lizzy’s. A short while into the fight a big angry looking lizzy storms in reeking havoc. I of course was holding my own. About midway through the fight a real ugly looking chic sneaks in and lights up the big guy. I had to avenge the fallen and threw an icelance at the large lizard. Stupid doormat got hurt and went down near the end.

Apparently this new chic wants to play with us. Wow I can’t believe it. It’s almost like whenever we lose someone they are almost immediately replaced with a new body ‘cause apparently any body will do with this group.

When we had a moment after the fight I did confirm my worst conclusion. That in fact Doormat was indeed dead. Anyone looking real close when I confirmed the demise of my tolerated pet would have seen that one tear streak down my right cheek. Stupid dog why did you have to go and die like that. With a light kick I muttered under my breath in druidic, “You were a great ursine, and I was lucky to have your service even though it was short.” It looks like it is time to bind another creature to my will. I wish these humanoids were as easy to control.

I wanted to do it in the Shadow Realm but no let’s go back to the normal side. Buzz kills all of them, so we journey back to the rift and on the way are attacked by a dark tree. That new chic proved useful blinding it, apparently I might need to learn her name at some point. Although I do not believe she will survive long enough for it to matter.

Day 11 & 12

Back in the “real world” I begin the ritual of calling out to natural realm. All I knew is that I wanted a new and improved lackey to use and direct. The ursine bread is most useful, let’s see how big of one I can get.

Back into the shadow realm we go to continue the rescue and/or destruction of the creatures. Either way I am happy. There is the boat apparently they think we need to acquire this boat. A few of us try some attempts to bluff our way closer. Well that failed shocker. A couple of our faster characters run and hop onto the boat While I grow wings and fly around providing cover fire, and I sent my new and improved Doormat to go drag the boat back to shore. Instead he tried to swamp it twice, oh well. We ended up taking the boat. And preparing to head up river.

Flint's rescue

(translated from the Rashemi)
I, Flint, Ethran Wychlaran of senior degree, keep this journal. While my Common is a fine jest in the ears of barbarians, I decline to write in such an uncouth and vile tongue.

During my investigations of odd phenomena in Cormyr obedient to the bidding of Ochlor Tasha, shadowy lizardfolk overwhelmed and took me captive. I was tormented, then bundled off to the Plane of Shadow and placed into a pit with two lizardfolk. Not long after I arose from whatever hexes and drugs were administered me, beslimed in muck and stripped facially naked. After masking with a sleeve torn from my clothing, however foul, I soon heard the sounds of warfare nearby. I still felt the spirits’ favor within me, plans made for escape when the time might be right, but needed the assistance of the lizardfolk. Working together, we freed one another and I burst us from our prison.

My rescuers, if I may call them that, were in heated battle with shadow lizards. They could not be worse captors than my erstwhile jailers, so guided by spirit I threw in with the new arrivals. In justice I must pardon them for their shock and nervousness at my appearance, but by summoning spirit magics on their behalf they saw common cause with me. With the captors vanquished, I simply waited, expecting a kind greeting and, at the least, hesitant but hopeful fellowship to those to whom I was prepared to offer my service. Instead, a goblin began to interrogate me like a common thief. He seemed insane, and the insolent vermin was tolerated and condoned, so I realized I would desire to owe this group no service beyond having compensated them for my rescue. They were a woodland daughter of considerable blade skill, another goblin in halfling form, a rather courteous and considerate human man who makes up for the rest, another human man of martial arts talent but rare utterances. Overall I found them humane but unfriendly. They did assist me in retrieving my gear and tarried whilst I replaced my tattered near-nudity with my proper mask.

After a rest and some spirit communion, which I had to explain to them as mundanes out of touch with the hidden existence, we forged on to battle with some electric lizards. My endurance and durability came under test when a ceiling fell on me and insects bit my flesh, but we prevailed. It became evident that the well-mannered human knows eldritch magics of a sort often bargained for with devils and Thayvians (but I repeat myself). So long as this David does not misuse them, only a fool casts away a weapon to fight barehanded—I surely will not. Leaving this area, an evil-omened tree began to abuse us. Summoning the power, I blinded then entangled it for an easy slaying. Soon over me came a sense of blessing and power, almost erotic, and I shivered but kept my dignity as I queried my guide for a listing of the new strengths coursing through my soul. I knew that in truth I would soon, if I survived, become precisely what was meant by an Elder Sister, known otherwise as a Hathran Wychlaran of novice degree.

The smaller of our goblins had enslaved a child of the wild, slain in earlier battle (predictably, he cared little for his slave). He desired to leave the Shadow Plane in order to enslave another and more powerful child of the wild. I forced back my offense, knowing I owed no duty to most of these since they offered me little. Although the larger goblin did share with me a ring from a hoard, so evidently I am better than a common mercenary in their eyes.

Next we came to a dock in the shadow plane, at which was moored a boat. Evidently we needed this boat, ‘manned’ by undead oarsmen. We needed to appropriate it, and after some moments of stress and combat, we did so. We must now proceed somewhere for some reason, where, I care not. I have called unto the spirits, during our brief enslavement sojourn back to Toril, to send me aid. What kind, I leave up to them, but it will feel luxuriant to speak again the true language, to drink in the honorable adoration of civilized persons.

Of course, the spirits’ sense of comedy is unpredictable. One sups with them using the long spoon in matters of bargains.

Pog i Into the Plane of Dark Shadowy things

Day 8

March back to the Lizzy camp. We get some stuff. Ex-Chiefy challenges some warrior for honor or something stupid like that. Get’s killed oh well.

Day 9

Back to the keep and through the portal to the Plane of Shadows. At least I assume it is the plane of Shadows never been there before but it was shadowy, dark and all around not nice looking.

We exit the building and there is what looks like a guard house. You know what is in guard houses guards and you know what I like doing to guards, only good guard is a dead guard. Lightning bolt oh man I can’t believe I have not done this sooner praise Talos. What why are they all running away. That blasted cleric always doing something not useful. Scarring away targets not cool. Oh apparently we save another lizard. Run home to mommy.
Where to next, well we know there is cave just over there or we can march out into the swamp. Um I know let’s go the close thing first. We can always stumble off into the middle of the swamp tomorrow.

On our way some freaky flying rodent like things show up and start screaming their heads off. Doormat and Kurri run off. Now why did they go that way I don’t see anything. I tangled with one and told the other to finish those off first I got this. It took a lot longer than it should have to kill these buggers that skin of theirs sure looks pretty. I skinned one. This will make great armor for Doormat.

Hey look a cave tired of waiting for that goblin I go up to check out the gate. Right after I cut it open I hear some of those walking lizard talking. So I duck around the corner. Hoping they come out and jump my companions while I engage in the rear. This will be great. No they retreat back inside now we slowly move in and try to fight our way through. This was so not the plan. Maybe I should inform others of my plan. Nah they should be able to see what I am doing and understand what to do. Well maybe not Sal, that boy is few cards short of a full deck. My guess is he won’t be with us to much longer.

Well after killing undead lizards snakes, and giant bloodsucking moths. I am extremely low on energy. This nice cave section looks like a good place to rest, so tired.

So what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t rest here because it is dangerous. This whole damn plane is dangerous. And I’m tired. Apparently one of them wants to die, because they don’t believe me, that I am tired. Oh fine but I’m not walking. “Doormat”

Oh I hear chanting. Oh great stinking cloud. This going to suck people lets back off and wait till it…. They went in I am surrounded by Idiots. Well I better go too, I know they won’t be able to do this without me. Ha ha out of the cloud zzzzaaaappppp ouch lightning bolt to the face. What the … is that thing. I am so not up for this. Go Sal go. Eww that looked like it hurt yup he’s dead. It retreated back into the water invisible. I threw some of my bags of tricks at it. We finally killed it and Peelp did reconnaissance under the water for its horde of loot.

Now can we oh thank Talos. A short ways from the cave we camp.

David's Journal - Part 3

Translated from it’s original Illumian, entries from David’s Journal

9th of Mirtul, 1374, Again
Cormyr, Old abandoned keep

Talking it over we decided to head back to the lizardfolk village to see if Kessessek would be able to free Sal from his curse. I think I understand the power that would be needed but I am not skilled enough to perform such a spell. We put ourselves in Kurri’s hands to be able to lead us through the wilderness back to the lizardfolk. We seemed to be walking around in circles, at least it wasn’t even uneventful, and after being ambushed by a pair of large lizards we tried to find higher ground. That turned out to be some sort of living mound. We eventually came across an ogre hunter and his beasts.

Not knowing whether they might be hostile Peelp decided to take the first attack, making it clear there would be a battle. Anya followed up with a masterful casting, forming the ice into a lance and sending it hurling into the ogre took him down in one fell swoop. I’m still lost at the sort of power and mastery she is able to achieve, it makes the power I can throw seem even more crude. However the ogre’s beasts didn’t particularly like their master being killed so swiftly, they took their readied actions and approached Anya. I couldn’t do too much with my crude bolt, not long after I was able to attack the two of them ripped into Anya with a savage rage.

Unable to calm the animals we had to dispatch them. Performing last rites for Anya was a somber affair, but it’s the right thing to do. With a great sorrow I add another name to the list for the Feast of the Moon. We gathered her belongings and continued on, finally finding our way back to the village nearing nightfall. Kessessek was a little disappointed that we returned so soon without fully getting into the keep. After we explained what we have found, the reason why we returned, and the sad news of the loss of a comrade he understood but had to wait for the next morning before he could free Sal from the curse upon him.

10th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Lizardfolk Village
They managed to find another traveler under the influence of the dark domination. Freeing him from the power that held him we talked shortly and Tenus decided to join us to get some revenge on those who took control of him. Odd chap seemed to have a bit of a fiery breath. We headed back to the keep. I learned that Tenus drew power somewhat similar as me as he brought the power to his eyes and gained a vision beyond what was normal.

We continued into the keep to a large central room in the keep. Peelp told Sal to guard the door and he did just that, I was left waiting for the door to be opened and we could follow the others inside. After the little bit of hesitation we got in. The room was filled with swirling tendrils That fellow, Tenus, seems to be putting his skill in breathing fire like a dragon to good use. We managed to press forward, close to the odd orb of shadows. We fought against Ketsarra and her guards, the battle was fierce as they had us slightly outnumbered at first.

After some good hits they attacked Pog’s bear, doormat, with a strike that would have killed the poor animal, seeing the strong hit I cast out the magic to close its wounds, saving it from certain death. A short while later after imparting some healing to our new friend that foul half-dragon Ketsarra skewered him with her lance. It was a swift death as her spear hit home, killing Tenus in one blow. His name will have to be added to the list of remembrance. I just have to wonder if this year will be a long ceremony at the start of winter. We were able to defeat Ketsarra and the rest of her guard and enemies. Being late in the day and ending with a fierce battle that brought Tenus’ journey with us to a swift end, we decided it would be best to rest before continuing any further.

11th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Old abandoned keep

We continued forward again, last night I had strange dreams again. Lurue asked great things of me, great things I’m not equipped to be able to do. I answered that I was willing but ill prepared for such great tasks. In her wisdom the Unicorn Queen said that I will be given the power to complete these tasks set before me. I woke up that morning feeling an odd new power, I came to the realization that Lurue was granting me power that would grow with the odd mixture of power and magic that I wield. It was a bittersweet realization that Lurue answered my predicament of how to best heal Anya without causing her distress. It seems that as I call upon the holy power from Lurue I should be able to channel this into the raw arcane power that I am able to throw turning the raw power into positive energy, able to heal the wounds of the target rather than hurt.

The previous day we found a letter to Kithlord Thieraven from a Esvele Graycastle describing some sort of agreement between the followers of Shar and this strange people who are tied to some other realm. It seems pretty evident that they intend to spread out, probably in conquest, over more areas in the realms. We’ll have to see what other evidence of evil plans we might find while continuing our exploration of this ruined keep.

Exploring the great hall, Kurri and then Peelp disappeared behind a rotating wall by one of the statues. Following them I find that they discovered an alar to Shar, though neither of them seemed to realize that. A letter left behind this time addressed to Despayr from the same Esvele Graycastle. It seems that Thieraven, the addressee of the last letter, was sent to aid Despayr. He carried the means to open something called the Dusk Lord’s Passage. It seems their aim is to one day see the Mysteries, a potential reference to Mystra, to an end. They are targeting a goddess? Goddess bless, if they were to succeed it would be a dawn of a new era. Clearly I think Lurue and the Pegasus were a message to lead me to this knowledge. What could I do with a rag-tag group like this?

We gathered up in this hidden room with the unholy alter so we could enter the next room. As we entered our unseen enemy waited and then began their attack. There was some weird hound that bayed loudly, scarring Pog and Peelp. They weren’t able to shake off their fear before the rest of us managed to defeat the enemies.

Continuing up the stairs we come to the top of the tower. Waiting for us, along with the captive lizardfolk and one odd human was a large creature that resembled the swamp lizards we fought earlier. This one however stood upright and its thick skin and quick healing managed to resist some of the weapons of the fighters. It got a good hit as I passed through the stairwell. I called out for Ashala and noted that one of the lizardfolk responded. I also noticed that the human who was likely captive just a moment before was fighting this demon along with us.

Seeing that their weapons weren’t doing so well I knew we needed a good magical strike. I gathered the raw energy to my hands again and scored a good strike against this demon. It took particular exception to my attack and started around towards me. With a fearful suspense the large demon was far too heavy for the unstable floor before me. It seems that Lurue has once again looked out for me and provided me safety, at least for the moment. I shift a bit further away from the demon and healed myself a little bit. The battle continued as a few other hits from the monk and Kurri. Then Pog, of all people, managed to make the killing blow. The demon fell down to the floor below and vanished, proving that it was a some sort of demon or devil.

We managed to get introduced to Ashala, Gathan, and the monk. We briefly tell them of what has occurred, leading us to here and the state of their tribe. The old chieftain Gathan pleads to continue on with us and be able to die a valorous death in combat rather than return in shame to the tribe. We find out that the monk goes by the name of Brother Gilbert. He seems to be one who venerates goodness, so finally I have someone who is a kindred spirit in this group.

Pog - To the Keep ... again.

Addendum Day 5

So we decided to head back to see if the Warrior could be healed. I still say I did not see anything wrong with him So he stood there when he should be fighting a couple of times big deal not like he has done much else when he was swinging that sword around.

Kurri going to lead us back. Let’s see what she finds us to fight. Always seems to happen when she “knows” where we are going. Look at Doormat follow her around its cute. I think he is learning how to track. Wow these two big geckos jumped out at me well Kurri and Peelp but I am sure they knew I was too dangerous for them. That one that jumped Kurri sure rubbed Doormat the wrong way I mean the way he snapped that things jaw clean off shudder. The other one didn’t last much longer, though Peelp looks a little worse for wear. I think Kurri put a hole straight through that one with that bow shot ouch.

Alright Kurri which way to the camp. Not the Orge’s camp the lizards camp. Well an Ogre with his pet hedgehog and pet kitty cat are out for a walk. Aren’t they cute. Anya nooooo. Icelance to the face equals one dead ogre. Two upset pets equals one dead Anya, of all the servants, I mean companions to lose why did it have to be the pretty one.

Chiefy said he healed Sal. Though even Sal said, are you sure I don’t feel any different. I thought as much Sal really is just that useful. Oh well back to the keep. Oh they are going show us the way back that seems smart although Doormat has figured out how to track now. And I picked up some leather-working supplies to make Doormat some armor this is going to be fun to teach him to wear.

Day 6 & 7

We got saddled with a new companion before we headed out. When we got back to the keep we told are guides so long and continued are trek through the keep. Well it turn out not to be a lot left but the big room was interesting. Someone told Sal to wait. And he did even after I barged in. Are we sure he got cured or better yet are we sure he was ever cursed to begin with. This was entertaining until that new guy that breathed dragon breath got himself skewered on a spear.

Then there was that hidden room with that freaky thing that shudder. I shouldn’t even talk about that.

Finally we ascend the stairs to find a walking gecko with a huge ax. Oh this can’t be good. Undaunted I rush him. So did a few others.. Our healer stayed back and used his arcane energy. Whoa that gecko did not like it and choose to rush him too bad the floor wasn’t to stable for him to complete that move it would have been epic to watch Dave get eaten. Oh well I finished him off with my sling. Ha take that.

Wait what one of the prisoner’s is going to join us will this endless supply fools, I mean fodder, I mean helpful allies never end. We also found the rest of the lizzy tribe including the old chieftain. He wants to go out in a blaze of glory. I say any man or lizard should be able to choose when they die. But let’s let the group decide it will give me insights into their motives and better enable me to manipulate further actions. Yah that’s it.

Peelp and The book (bending his survival to old age)

Years ago, when the goblin was but young, he met a rather rude lady. But you know rude is really just the wrong word. More like hostile. The rogue liked her right away. She had more in common with him than that bald guy, or the crazy elf druid, or even that Talos worshipper (you know the one with the primitive dog). Or even that rather evolved guy, what with his magical blasts that he shouldn’t have normally been able to toss. Right away the rogue knew the wizard was special. Heck she could follow along a good lie, picked up off the fly and to boot do so without any precaution, notice, or other before hand hornswaggling.

Now extremely old, a being unique amongst his kind, the goblin sat looking at a tome. Was her name Anyan? Peelp thought so, but rightly was having trouble, her death being some 40 years ago. Looking at the spells written there, unable to understand them, he missed his old friend. Worse yet the pain of her death still troubled him, for deep down he blamed himself for the tragedy.

When Peelp was young he had many problems. For one he was nearly always starving. Coupled with that he was always running from trouble, typically stuff he started. He always believed that he could convince some of the pink skins that his kind was not all the evil race that they were cracked up to be. This dream nearly was the end of Peelp when it became his overwhelming desire to prove that peaceful goblins, orcs, and orges existed. As his goal to prove his point of view became an obsession he began to hate his kind little by little. The day Anyan died was like so many others. Peelp simply lost patience and assumed the worse. Why didn’t that dam ogre speak up or get lost! Why did he fire on the orge with so little provocation?

Anyan was a good friend, she fired an ice spell soon after Peelp nearly missed the brute with a crossbow, killing the orge instantly. But the man-beast had friends and they intern rushed the mage and killed her.

Though frail, sick, and bent nearly double the goblin’s intellect was as sharp as ever, even more was his desire for adventure. He knew what had to be done, and just how to do it. It was a shame he handed thought of it earlier.

Nearly three weeks later Peelp clamored over the rim of the Great Glacier. Teeth clacking madly in his constant shivering he began to dig. On and on he went, the work doing nothing to stave off the numbing cold. With a respectable depth attained he laid the book in the freshly dug grave. Wrapped in sky blue silk and celestial white fox fur a brief prayer to the gods of the frozen lands escaped his thin blue lips, and with is last bit of strength managed to bury the spellbook. There upon the fitting grave sight for Anyan Ice Queen of the North, Peelp took his last breath and was concerned no longer.

Salazar's notes, session 3

Salazar’s notes (session three):

Stupid clerics. I was cursed, and evidently the curse was to be a moron unable to act. No fun at all to see your team in battle, and you can’t do them a damn bit of good. So it became wise, proper and right for us to meander into a swamp where a big crocodile tried to eat Peelp. Permission to consume goblin denied! It was evident enough that we were lost, which made me start to wonder about the elf chick. Elf chicks are supposed to know how to get you through swamps, stuff like that. But hey, everyone screws up. It’s not like I could have done better, except that I’d have stayed the hell out of all swamps.

We also wasted a shambling mound (I was no help there either…sense a trend?), then surprised Cletus the Ogre Farmer and his pet dog and pig. Frosti cut loose with some terrifying piece of ice that just laid Cletus out deader than Pygmy’s sense of tact and humility. Unfortunately for Frosti, that was it for her; she died a barnyard death at the teeth of either a pig or dog. I can’t say I found her cuddly, and I wouldn’t have screwed her with Pygmy’s wedding tackle, but you had to respect her ability to slay an ogre. There’s no way we get through those fights without more dead without the Clerlock David patching us up and shooting warlock stuff out his hands.

After going back to the reptiles to admit failure, they yanked the curse off me and said ‘try again’. To help out, they sent a dude with fire shooting out his mouth, Tennis or somesuch. Nice not to have to cook your food, just hold it up and breathe on it—medium rare! Some illogical efforts to milk them for extra compensation flopped big time. Okay, back to the keep, where I got some odd instructions from Peelp to guard a door. Which I did—I figured he had a plan—but I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t just sent in to do what I do well. Pretty soon I just did that anyway, feeling pretty stupid hanging around outside a door while I could hear us mixing it up with some shadow guys, a mage and a big half-dragon. There was some sort of nasty looking shadow blob in the middle, and the fight was on. Tennis gave them a major dose of breath weapon, but the big half-dragon was pretty tough to whip. They got Tennis; another KIA casualty, all for the sake of a bunch of worried lizards who abducted us. I took my usual beating while elf chick pitched in, once she broke loose from being held. Long ago, in the South, I learned some nasty mind tricks to shake off manipulative mind magic, and they served me well until one got me and sent me running like a freak. Embarrassing, even more embarrassing than standing around like a mental defective during battle.

The room had some statues, which I sensibly let someone else mess with. Peelp, who is handy enough finding hidden stuff, found a pressure plate that would let us in a back room. There were some more shadow guys, a shadow dog of some kind, and a couple lizards peppering us with arrows from a spiral staircase leading up. A good fight for me, two kills, elf chick got one. Part of my job is to charge ahead up stairs to dangerous situations, so I did that. We found the lizard slammer, with a street person and a bunch of lizards chained up by a big lizard jailer. Something supernatural about him, normal weapons didn’t seem to do much. Magical bastard swords and Clerlock energy, however, did rather more. The Pogdog, which is actually a f***ing bear (Pygmy flunked Animal Identification 101 in druid school), came pretty close to dying as usual.

It’s evident that elf chick (who wants from me only to be left the hell alone; I can handle that) is not enamored of the Pygmy/Pogdog relationship, thinking it a form of slavery. Not sure what to make of that but it’s none of my damn business. Anyway, we took down the giant supernatural iguana and let the prisoners go. One turned out to be Brother Gilbert, a monk rather than a street person. He’d have fit in fashion-wise back in the docksides of Athkatla. The rest were lizards we were supposed to spring. Brother Gilbert scares me worse than anyone else in this war party. For one thing, he doesn’t drink. For another, looks like he doesn’t screw. Lastly, he doesn’t want anything. How do you relate to someone without visible motivations? At a wary distance, that’s how, because they will beat your ass. Worse yet, they might try to help you attain enlightenment. There was a brief debate about some unholy water and what to do with it. Clerlock wanted it poured out, which he is kind of obligated to do. Peelp was evidently thirsty and bogarted a vial. What’s wrong with just buying and filling a waterskin?

We took the liberated lizards back to Lizardville, and they were happy with us. Anyway, we did what the lizards wanted, so now they’ll give us some magical gear I can’t use. That’s okay. I’m not dead and this is a good paying gig, with no nosey people and no one getting attached to me. I am not at all sure they’re getting their money’s worth from me, but that really isn’t my problem.

Destiny Brings You to Strange Places(Gilbert's Journal Pt 1)

It has been so long since I have been able to write within my journal, since I was captured by that vile crocodilian beast. I look back and wonder if my plan to be captured intentionally was a wise choice but I must remind myself to trust in the wisdom of the Celestial Hebdomad and all shall be right. After being captured, I realized that my faith and strength alone would not be enough to end these evil creatures’ plans so I placed my faith in Pistis Sophia to guide some good souls to assist me in my holy mission. Not long did I have to wait in captivity when my assistance arrived in a very unusual assortment of characters. While the creature’s strength was overpowering and his skin a substancial barrier, we were able to prevail. Although I had hoped the cleansing fire I possess would lay him low, it appeared he had some resistance to it. Thankfully, two of the adventurers, a human male and a elven female, were skilled in the way of melee combat and two others, a male halfling and a male goblin, were swift of foot and blade, allowing them to avoid the beast’s wrath. Strangest of all was the party’s…well, for lack of a better word, caster, who used both healing magics as well as arcane, which seemed to do the lizard a great amount of harm. I feared that the caster would be joining his goddess Lurue shortly when the creature rushed him, but the Seven Martyrs shined down upon him this day as the creature stumbled through the weakened floor and was beaten shortly there after. After the defeat of the evil lizardkin and the release of the captive lizardfolk, I felt I should continue with this group as it seemed my path lay with them. Short introductions were made with the party but pleasantries were cut short as we had to return the captive lizards to their people. So this is what I have been able to gather about my companions so far.

Sal-He seems to be a human male, well versed in the art of combat and warfare. His manner of possessing material goods and alcohol an adventurer for hire but until I learn more, I shall not any being, lest I be judged in turn.

David-Again, a curious being. He seems human, although there is something else about him I cannot quite place. He possesses healing magics and some form of arcane magic as far as I can tell, although I am not well versed in the latter. He does worship Lirue, a good goddess, so he seems a person who I may be able to share some similarities to.

Halfling-A male halfling, although I cannot quite tell his skill set. Given the presence of an animal companion and some of his spells, I would say perhaps a child of the forest. He has a very odd nature and refers to his bear as a dog, which is clearly erroneus. Perhaps he has some kind of mental injury and if such is the case, I must provide any aid and assistance I can to ease his damaged person.

Elf-A female elf, who wields two bastard swords, an interesting combination. According to my party members, she also serves as a tracker so that would point me to a ranger of the wilds. He seems like a good person at first glance, although there is something wild about her nature, of what I am not sure.

Lastly, we arrive at the goblin, a very strange compatriot to have in a party such as this. His skill set seems to lie in sneaking in shadows and striking unseen. Perhaps he is a rogue, a very deplorable profession but perhaps I am being too harsh at first glance. Perhaps he donates his moneys to those in need or provides aid to the helpless. I also cannot judge him on his race as well, as there are exceptions to all things.

I am told that I am filling in the void left by two previous party members of this group, a sad and grim truth of the adventuring life. While the harsh bitter woman who dies first seems like a very angry person, perhaps she has found peace in the afterlife with whatever power she follows. The other member, a human male who could breath fire…no one seems to know much about him, as he was with the party for only a short time. However, I was told he follows Bahamut and know that he is in loving arms in the afterlife.

Well as it seems the hour grows late and late retreats for another day, I shall finish my recalling and rest. May the Celestial Hebdomad shine brightly and may Pistis Sophia watch over me.


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