Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

David's Journal - Part 3

Translated from it’s original Illumian, entries from David’s Journal

9th of Mirtul, 1374, Again
Cormyr, Old abandoned keep

Talking it over we decided to head back to the lizardfolk village to see if Kessessek would be able to free Sal from his curse. I think I understand the power that would be needed but I am not skilled enough to perform such a spell. We put ourselves in Kurri’s hands to be able to lead us through the wilderness back to the lizardfolk. We seemed to be walking around in circles, at least it wasn’t even uneventful, and after being ambushed by a pair of large lizards we tried to find higher ground. That turned out to be some sort of living mound. We eventually came across an ogre hunter and his beasts.

Not knowing whether they might be hostile Peelp decided to take the first attack, making it clear there would be a battle. Anya followed up with a masterful casting, forming the ice into a lance and sending it hurling into the ogre took him down in one fell swoop. I’m still lost at the sort of power and mastery she is able to achieve, it makes the power I can throw seem even more crude. However the ogre’s beasts didn’t particularly like their master being killed so swiftly, they took their readied actions and approached Anya. I couldn’t do too much with my crude bolt, not long after I was able to attack the two of them ripped into Anya with a savage rage.

Unable to calm the animals we had to dispatch them. Performing last rites for Anya was a somber affair, but it’s the right thing to do. With a great sorrow I add another name to the list for the Feast of the Moon. We gathered her belongings and continued on, finally finding our way back to the village nearing nightfall. Kessessek was a little disappointed that we returned so soon without fully getting into the keep. After we explained what we have found, the reason why we returned, and the sad news of the loss of a comrade he understood but had to wait for the next morning before he could free Sal from the curse upon him.

10th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Lizardfolk Village
They managed to find another traveler under the influence of the dark domination. Freeing him from the power that held him we talked shortly and Tenus decided to join us to get some revenge on those who took control of him. Odd chap seemed to have a bit of a fiery breath. We headed back to the keep. I learned that Tenus drew power somewhat similar as me as he brought the power to his eyes and gained a vision beyond what was normal.

We continued into the keep to a large central room in the keep. Peelp told Sal to guard the door and he did just that, I was left waiting for the door to be opened and we could follow the others inside. After the little bit of hesitation we got in. The room was filled with swirling tendrils That fellow, Tenus, seems to be putting his skill in breathing fire like a dragon to good use. We managed to press forward, close to the odd orb of shadows. We fought against Ketsarra and her guards, the battle was fierce as they had us slightly outnumbered at first.

After some good hits they attacked Pog’s bear, doormat, with a strike that would have killed the poor animal, seeing the strong hit I cast out the magic to close its wounds, saving it from certain death. A short while later after imparting some healing to our new friend that foul half-dragon Ketsarra skewered him with her lance. It was a swift death as her spear hit home, killing Tenus in one blow. His name will have to be added to the list of remembrance. I just have to wonder if this year will be a long ceremony at the start of winter. We were able to defeat Ketsarra and the rest of her guard and enemies. Being late in the day and ending with a fierce battle that brought Tenus’ journey with us to a swift end, we decided it would be best to rest before continuing any further.

11th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Old abandoned keep

We continued forward again, last night I had strange dreams again. Lurue asked great things of me, great things I’m not equipped to be able to do. I answered that I was willing but ill prepared for such great tasks. In her wisdom the Unicorn Queen said that I will be given the power to complete these tasks set before me. I woke up that morning feeling an odd new power, I came to the realization that Lurue was granting me power that would grow with the odd mixture of power and magic that I wield. It was a bittersweet realization that Lurue answered my predicament of how to best heal Anya without causing her distress. It seems that as I call upon the holy power from Lurue I should be able to channel this into the raw arcane power that I am able to throw turning the raw power into positive energy, able to heal the wounds of the target rather than hurt.

The previous day we found a letter to Kithlord Thieraven from a Esvele Graycastle describing some sort of agreement between the followers of Shar and this strange people who are tied to some other realm. It seems pretty evident that they intend to spread out, probably in conquest, over more areas in the realms. We’ll have to see what other evidence of evil plans we might find while continuing our exploration of this ruined keep.

Exploring the great hall, Kurri and then Peelp disappeared behind a rotating wall by one of the statues. Following them I find that they discovered an alar to Shar, though neither of them seemed to realize that. A letter left behind this time addressed to Despayr from the same Esvele Graycastle. It seems that Thieraven, the addressee of the last letter, was sent to aid Despayr. He carried the means to open something called the Dusk Lord’s Passage. It seems their aim is to one day see the Mysteries, a potential reference to Mystra, to an end. They are targeting a goddess? Goddess bless, if they were to succeed it would be a dawn of a new era. Clearly I think Lurue and the Pegasus were a message to lead me to this knowledge. What could I do with a rag-tag group like this?

We gathered up in this hidden room with the unholy alter so we could enter the next room. As we entered our unseen enemy waited and then began their attack. There was some weird hound that bayed loudly, scarring Pog and Peelp. They weren’t able to shake off their fear before the rest of us managed to defeat the enemies.

Continuing up the stairs we come to the top of the tower. Waiting for us, along with the captive lizardfolk and one odd human was a large creature that resembled the swamp lizards we fought earlier. This one however stood upright and its thick skin and quick healing managed to resist some of the weapons of the fighters. It got a good hit as I passed through the stairwell. I called out for Ashala and noted that one of the lizardfolk responded. I also noticed that the human who was likely captive just a moment before was fighting this demon along with us.

Seeing that their weapons weren’t doing so well I knew we needed a good magical strike. I gathered the raw energy to my hands again and scored a good strike against this demon. It took particular exception to my attack and started around towards me. With a fearful suspense the large demon was far too heavy for the unstable floor before me. It seems that Lurue has once again looked out for me and provided me safety, at least for the moment. I shift a bit further away from the demon and healed myself a little bit. The battle continued as a few other hits from the monk and Kurri. Then Pog, of all people, managed to make the killing blow. The demon fell down to the floor below and vanished, proving that it was a some sort of demon or devil.

We managed to get introduced to Ashala, Gathan, and the monk. We briefly tell them of what has occurred, leading us to here and the state of their tribe. The old chieftain Gathan pleads to continue on with us and be able to die a valorous death in combat rather than return in shame to the tribe. We find out that the monk goes by the name of Brother Gilbert. He seems to be one who venerates goodness, so finally I have someone who is a kindred spirit in this group.



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