Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Destiny Brings You to Strange Places(Gilbert's Journal Pt 1)

It has been so long since I have been able to write within my journal, since I was captured by that vile crocodilian beast. I look back and wonder if my plan to be captured intentionally was a wise choice but I must remind myself to trust in the wisdom of the Celestial Hebdomad and all shall be right. After being captured, I realized that my faith and strength alone would not be enough to end these evil creatures’ plans so I placed my faith in Pistis Sophia to guide some good souls to assist me in my holy mission. Not long did I have to wait in captivity when my assistance arrived in a very unusual assortment of characters. While the creature’s strength was overpowering and his skin a substancial barrier, we were able to prevail. Although I had hoped the cleansing fire I possess would lay him low, it appeared he had some resistance to it. Thankfully, two of the adventurers, a human male and a elven female, were skilled in the way of melee combat and two others, a male halfling and a male goblin, were swift of foot and blade, allowing them to avoid the beast’s wrath. Strangest of all was the party’s…well, for lack of a better word, caster, who used both healing magics as well as arcane, which seemed to do the lizard a great amount of harm. I feared that the caster would be joining his goddess Lurue shortly when the creature rushed him, but the Seven Martyrs shined down upon him this day as the creature stumbled through the weakened floor and was beaten shortly there after. After the defeat of the evil lizardkin and the release of the captive lizardfolk, I felt I should continue with this group as it seemed my path lay with them. Short introductions were made with the party but pleasantries were cut short as we had to return the captive lizards to their people. So this is what I have been able to gather about my companions so far.

Sal-He seems to be a human male, well versed in the art of combat and warfare. His manner of possessing material goods and alcohol an adventurer for hire but until I learn more, I shall not any being, lest I be judged in turn.

David-Again, a curious being. He seems human, although there is something else about him I cannot quite place. He possesses healing magics and some form of arcane magic as far as I can tell, although I am not well versed in the latter. He does worship Lirue, a good goddess, so he seems a person who I may be able to share some similarities to.

Halfling-A male halfling, although I cannot quite tell his skill set. Given the presence of an animal companion and some of his spells, I would say perhaps a child of the forest. He has a very odd nature and refers to his bear as a dog, which is clearly erroneus. Perhaps he has some kind of mental injury and if such is the case, I must provide any aid and assistance I can to ease his damaged person.

Elf-A female elf, who wields two bastard swords, an interesting combination. According to my party members, she also serves as a tracker so that would point me to a ranger of the wilds. He seems like a good person at first glance, although there is something wild about her nature, of what I am not sure.

Lastly, we arrive at the goblin, a very strange compatriot to have in a party such as this. His skill set seems to lie in sneaking in shadows and striking unseen. Perhaps he is a rogue, a very deplorable profession but perhaps I am being too harsh at first glance. Perhaps he donates his moneys to those in need or provides aid to the helpless. I also cannot judge him on his race as well, as there are exceptions to all things.

I am told that I am filling in the void left by two previous party members of this group, a sad and grim truth of the adventuring life. While the harsh bitter woman who dies first seems like a very angry person, perhaps she has found peace in the afterlife with whatever power she follows. The other member, a human male who could breath fire…no one seems to know much about him, as he was with the party for only a short time. However, I was told he follows Bahamut and know that he is in loving arms in the afterlife.

Well as it seems the hour grows late and late retreats for another day, I shall finish my recalling and rest. May the Celestial Hebdomad shine brightly and may Pistis Sophia watch over me.



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