Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Pog i Into the Plane of Dark Shadowy things

Day 8

March back to the Lizzy camp. We get some stuff. Ex-Chiefy challenges some warrior for honor or something stupid like that. Get’s killed oh well.

Day 9

Back to the keep and through the portal to the Plane of Shadows. At least I assume it is the plane of Shadows never been there before but it was shadowy, dark and all around not nice looking.

We exit the building and there is what looks like a guard house. You know what is in guard houses guards and you know what I like doing to guards, only good guard is a dead guard. Lightning bolt oh man I can’t believe I have not done this sooner praise Talos. What why are they all running away. That blasted cleric always doing something not useful. Scarring away targets not cool. Oh apparently we save another lizard. Run home to mommy.
Where to next, well we know there is cave just over there or we can march out into the swamp. Um I know let’s go the close thing first. We can always stumble off into the middle of the swamp tomorrow.

On our way some freaky flying rodent like things show up and start screaming their heads off. Doormat and Kurri run off. Now why did they go that way I don’t see anything. I tangled with one and told the other to finish those off first I got this. It took a lot longer than it should have to kill these buggers that skin of theirs sure looks pretty. I skinned one. This will make great armor for Doormat.

Hey look a cave tired of waiting for that goblin I go up to check out the gate. Right after I cut it open I hear some of those walking lizard talking. So I duck around the corner. Hoping they come out and jump my companions while I engage in the rear. This will be great. No they retreat back inside now we slowly move in and try to fight our way through. This was so not the plan. Maybe I should inform others of my plan. Nah they should be able to see what I am doing and understand what to do. Well maybe not Sal, that boy is few cards short of a full deck. My guess is he won’t be with us to much longer.

Well after killing undead lizards snakes, and giant bloodsucking moths. I am extremely low on energy. This nice cave section looks like a good place to rest, so tired.

So what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t rest here because it is dangerous. This whole damn plane is dangerous. And I’m tired. Apparently one of them wants to die, because they don’t believe me, that I am tired. Oh fine but I’m not walking. “Doormat”

Oh I hear chanting. Oh great stinking cloud. This going to suck people lets back off and wait till it…. They went in I am surrounded by Idiots. Well I better go too, I know they won’t be able to do this without me. Ha ha out of the cloud zzzzaaaappppp ouch lightning bolt to the face. What the … is that thing. I am so not up for this. Go Sal go. Eww that looked like it hurt yup he’s dead. It retreated back into the water invisible. I threw some of my bags of tricks at it. We finally killed it and Peelp did reconnaissance under the water for its horde of loot.

Now can we oh thank Talos. A short ways from the cave we camp.



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