Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Pog - Saving everyone again

Day 14

While resting for the night, well I don’t know if you can call it resting that chic snoring all night. But this strange fog moved in centered on Peelp. When he finally stepped through he was a she and she was a Halfling carrying a big ax. Later I found out a dwarf appeared as well. And Peelp well I hope Peelp is in a nice place.

Anyways in the morning we continue on our journey through the swamp and come to an outpost on the top of a waterfall. Some of our group spot movement. I don’t see how anyone can see anything in this place. Well they run up to get a better look and leave me behind again. One of these times I am not going to save the party and just watch them die from a distance. Yes, but not in this shadow plane place I don’t like it here. Anyways where was I. Oh ya most of them run around the building or block where I can ride Doormat in, so we test the swamp. Doormat did not like it. So I started buffing as we made our way to one of the windows close to the path. I heard some widows crashing on the other side and two girlish screams. I think David got hurt. Inside there were these two demonic creatures with tongues where their heads should be. The one on my right had this unnatural growth in its mouth. Oh Talos it’s what’s here name. Don’t worry Ill save you I let doormat kill the other one. Then we finished this one off. She’s alive. Apparently there were two more it’s good to know that Doormat and I are as good as the rest of the party combined. Oh it was Kurri that screamed, she is always getting herself into trouble.

So the path across the waterfall on a suspension bridge with a 1200 lb dog. We’ll be fine. Doormat you wait till we get across. Good dog. This bridge was sturdy let’s hope they all are.

Inside the tower we find an elemental of some kind with two big flails. Wow it hits hard then wait, it spins too. Oh that hit everyone that’s not good. Doormat take him down. With Doormat wrestling the earth elemental everyone was able to finish him off.

There are two more paths across bridges or there is a door with steps down lets go down I don’t like those bridges. Wow those are steep Doormat stay here. I get down to the bottom and he does not like being alone and starts down the stairs awful fast. With some miracle he hangs onto the edge and climbs up onto the platform of bones. This does not look good. As the undead rise up, we engage. This was a simple bash fest hardly even worth my time. With nothing else down here we climbed back up and rested for the night.

Day 15

I finally finished that studded leather armor out of that Cloaker skin. Doormat looks good and it looks like he finally learned how to protect me from danger. Silly dog. As we were crossing a long big with the group a long ways in front of Doormat and I out of nowhere a Dragon blasts them with acid. As I catch up to them dragon does a second volley. I get that new Halfling to ride Doormat with me. Doormat and I grow wings and fly off the bridge a little was to prepare the assault. The dragon came around for another blast and we charged it. Three of our group slumped to the ground and it apparently flew away. Coward I called after it. Checking the damage the only dead on was that ugly chick with Brother Gilbert and David only mostly dead. So close, so close. Oh well maybe next time.

After we patch up we head toward a cliff.



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