Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Pog - The demise of Doormat Mark1

Day 10

Back inside and fully prepared we venture forth into a large room full of those dead lizzy’s. A short while into the fight a big angry looking lizzy storms in reeking havoc. I of course was holding my own. About midway through the fight a real ugly looking chic sneaks in and lights up the big guy. I had to avenge the fallen and threw an icelance at the large lizard. Stupid doormat got hurt and went down near the end.

Apparently this new chic wants to play with us. Wow I can’t believe it. It’s almost like whenever we lose someone they are almost immediately replaced with a new body ‘cause apparently any body will do with this group.

When we had a moment after the fight I did confirm my worst conclusion. That in fact Doormat was indeed dead. Anyone looking real close when I confirmed the demise of my tolerated pet would have seen that one tear streak down my right cheek. Stupid dog why did you have to go and die like that. With a light kick I muttered under my breath in druidic, “You were a great ursine, and I was lucky to have your service even though it was short.” It looks like it is time to bind another creature to my will. I wish these humanoids were as easy to control.

I wanted to do it in the Shadow Realm but no let’s go back to the normal side. Buzz kills all of them, so we journey back to the rift and on the way are attacked by a dark tree. That new chic proved useful blinding it, apparently I might need to learn her name at some point. Although I do not believe she will survive long enough for it to matter.

Day 11 & 12

Back in the “real world” I begin the ritual of calling out to natural realm. All I knew is that I wanted a new and improved lackey to use and direct. The ursine bread is most useful, let’s see how big of one I can get.

Back into the shadow realm we go to continue the rescue and/or destruction of the creatures. Either way I am happy. There is the boat apparently they think we need to acquire this boat. A few of us try some attempts to bluff our way closer. Well that failed shocker. A couple of our faster characters run and hop onto the boat While I grow wings and fly around providing cover fire, and I sent my new and improved Doormat to go drag the boat back to shore. Instead he tried to swamp it twice, oh well. We ended up taking the boat. And preparing to head up river.



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