Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Pog - To the Keep ... again.

Addendum Day 5

So we decided to head back to see if the Warrior could be healed. I still say I did not see anything wrong with him So he stood there when he should be fighting a couple of times big deal not like he has done much else when he was swinging that sword around.

Kurri going to lead us back. Let’s see what she finds us to fight. Always seems to happen when she “knows” where we are going. Look at Doormat follow her around its cute. I think he is learning how to track. Wow these two big geckos jumped out at me well Kurri and Peelp but I am sure they knew I was too dangerous for them. That one that jumped Kurri sure rubbed Doormat the wrong way I mean the way he snapped that things jaw clean off shudder. The other one didn’t last much longer, though Peelp looks a little worse for wear. I think Kurri put a hole straight through that one with that bow shot ouch.

Alright Kurri which way to the camp. Not the Orge’s camp the lizards camp. Well an Ogre with his pet hedgehog and pet kitty cat are out for a walk. Aren’t they cute. Anya nooooo. Icelance to the face equals one dead ogre. Two upset pets equals one dead Anya, of all the servants, I mean companions to lose why did it have to be the pretty one.

Chiefy said he healed Sal. Though even Sal said, are you sure I don’t feel any different. I thought as much Sal really is just that useful. Oh well back to the keep. Oh they are going show us the way back that seems smart although Doormat has figured out how to track now. And I picked up some leather-working supplies to make Doormat some armor this is going to be fun to teach him to wear.

Day 6 & 7

We got saddled with a new companion before we headed out. When we got back to the keep we told are guides so long and continued are trek through the keep. Well it turn out not to be a lot left but the big room was interesting. Someone told Sal to wait. And he did even after I barged in. Are we sure he got cured or better yet are we sure he was ever cursed to begin with. This was entertaining until that new guy that breathed dragon breath got himself skewered on a spear.

Then there was that hidden room with that freaky thing that shudder. I shouldn’t even talk about that.

Finally we ascend the stairs to find a walking gecko with a huge ax. Oh this can’t be good. Undaunted I rush him. So did a few others.. Our healer stayed back and used his arcane energy. Whoa that gecko did not like it and choose to rush him too bad the floor wasn’t to stable for him to complete that move it would have been epic to watch Dave get eaten. Oh well I finished him off with my sling. Ha take that.

Wait what one of the prisoner’s is going to join us will this endless supply fools, I mean fodder, I mean helpful allies never end. We also found the rest of the lizzy tribe including the old chieftain. He wants to go out in a blaze of glory. I say any man or lizard should be able to choose when they die. But let’s let the group decide it will give me insights into their motives and better enable me to manipulate further actions. Yah that’s it.



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