Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Pog - Well here we are now what do we do.

Addendum Day 12

After a lengthy discussion about should we take the boat should be go about on land. If we take the boat who rows who steers, what do we do with my oversized dog.

So finally I decided that with my superior navigation skills I was to steer the boat. Kurri and Gilbert would be the best rowers. That new freaky chic and Dave will help out rowing. And Peelp will perform lookout and refill the lantern along the river. Lest we appear to be something else. Though with Doormat lounging on the forecastle we will be hard to miss. Several of our “rowers” all except Kurri, somehow I knew that would be the case, got tired. Weak pathetic most of them wouldn’t even be good minions. I foresee either Peelp or the new chic not making it much farther. But if I can help it, I don’t think anyone would miss David. I know I wouldn’t. Apparently there some guardian that if you play this harp looking thing it won’t attack well since none of us has even seen one of these instruments before I guess we will just have to face this guardian with our usual flare for tactics. I mean wait till it surprises us then try like mad to kill it.

Sure enough in the dead of night I mean shadow, I mean of I don’t care there never is any natural light so I don’t know anymore. Anyways a huge skeletal crab like creature jumps up and tries to swamp the boat. Throwing nearly everyone around like the rag dolls they are. I was of course fine. And after a few encouraging words to Doormat attacked the thing until the rest of our group engaged. I sprouted fins and gills to engage it in its natural habitat. While Gilbert and Kurri attacked it in the front I engaged it in the rear. Chicky (If she stays around for at least 5 days I’ll learn her name) and Dave, blast it and heal. The new and improved Doormat ain’t so improved as he is new so I told him to back down before I have to replace him too. Well we were successful in defeating that monster and since I was finally getting tired I decided to rest on good solid land.

Day 13

We make are way to a keep. Well it used to be a keep now all the walls are crumbling and it looks abandoned, or would have been abandoned in the real world. Peelp made some comment about me going first. I said no problem and started to sneak forward. Doormat moved into the open courtyard. Hopefully they rush him so I gain the upper hand. Someone else spotted something. So they started rushing forward. Wow really. Chic made the vegetation grow to hold them down since they have got wings. That didn’t work. We took the first one down quick but the second on kept flying around. We finally finished him off too.

Working our way through the keep Peelp noticed a guy in a raised room and went to check it out. He came back and said he looked important. Then there was this long conversation about should we split up and those that can go fight him and others go in the front doors that we know nothing about. I made the decision to keep them all together as I don’t trust them to handle it without me. Turns out it was a good idea to stick together since the doors were locked. But wait we have Peelp he can, no I guess he can’t. While the majority of our group storms the window I have Doormat rip off a door. That was fun. It was tight quarters and even tighter when that blasted leader man thing summoned in monkeys to do his bidding. It was all for naught and we were able to slowly beat our way in.

Our final scrape of the day was not entertaining to say the least. First there was this giant porcupine screaming at us then they made the lights go out and all I know was that this crumbling wall that was in front of me did not have enough substance to climb over. Oh well at least no one could see me, I know Kurri would never let me here the end of it. Oh I got these slippers and I don’t slip anymore, look at me, look at me. I would tell her to walk off a cliff, but she would and down the side and back up just to piss me off.



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