Tunaster Dranik

cleric of Mystra


“I am indeed the man in blue and I assume if you’re not from the temple then maybe you all saw my posting. My name is Tunaster Dranik, a cleric of Mystra. I wander, as many Mystran clergy do, seeking sources of old magic. I’ve been in tombs, dangerous ruins — I’ve even skirted the lair of a foul lich. But none of these holds a candle to the sight I saw a tenday past — a newly built temple of Mystra, here in Wheloon.”

“Seems normal enough, eh? But there are no other temples of Mystra in Cormyr. This is big news! I’m a long-time cleric of the church. I’m in yearly contact with the organization. How is it I didn’t know I’d find a temple of Mystra here? Why don’t I, a cleric in good standing, know more of this ‘Lady Arthas’ who supposedly ordered the temple’s construction, and on the ruins of an old citadel?”

“Astonished, I immediately entered the temple, looking for answers. I made it to the outer courtyard, but was rebuffed from entering the inner areas; I was told to wait for Lady Arthas. After an hour’s wait, a man appeared, someone named Fembrys, and asked me to accompany him back to the middle courtyard. He wore the garb of a Mystran cleric, as I do, but something about him wasn’t right. I can’t explain it to you, but something made me…run.”

“And they chased me! Why would they do that? Someone on the temple walls fired arrows at me! But I escaped. What in the Nine Hells is going on in there? I need to find out, or failing that, go to the nearest legitimate temple of Mystra and ask for aid. But now you’re here. Can you adventurers help me?”

“I’ve already spoken to the authorities about the subject. Constal Tholl assures me that the Purple Dragons have investigate the temple and found nothing amiss. I asked him what they discovered, and it seemed they made only a cursory check of the place after hearing about strange lights and noises. I sensed his reluctance to look deeper into it has more to do with Lord Redbeard’s pleasure at the business and taxes the temple brings that with a firm understanding of what is happening within.”

Tunaster Dranik

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