Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

David's Journal - Part 2

7th of Mirtul, 1374, again
Cormyr, Lizardfolk camp

We were taken to their chief, a man by the name of Kessessek. A cleric of some deity of the lizardfolk, I couldn’t identify his deity from just his holy symbol. I was able to see that he knew of the divine arts when he cast a zone of truth spell. I thank Lurue that his questions were vague enough not to have to reveal my true name. I made sure to answer before that self-appointed leader of ours tried to bring the situation under his control. That is a silly thing to do when we are the captives.
Kurri and Peelp seemed to react poorly to being captured, this just served to get them put back to sleep. Finally, it seems that Kessessek is a man of some integrity, as he offers release from our bonds if you agree to peaceful conduct. Being the appointed healer, I openly offer my own peaceful conduct and take some time to check up on each of the party.
Kessessek said that we have a common enemy, at the time it didn’t seem likely but over the course of talking it seems that these Shadowscales may be in league with the humans who have, under control, walked right through the swamps and into dangerous territory. He’s unable to get his warriors to fight against what used to be of their own clan. He seeks our help to free them, of course the payment will be what he might be able to do for us, the good feeling of releasing prisoners, and of course any valuables there might be in the tower.
We get done talking and moving over to near the geyser. I can see Anya looking at the boiling hot springs and the geyser with a fair bit of distaste. It’s getting close to midnight, when I will pray to Lurue. I’m hoping that things will settle down and I can once again, with the exception of the person on guard can pray in secret and peace. A strange noise and sudden attack show me that my prayers, and the comfort of the night rest will still be delayed.
Ambushed, our party was attacked by some flying tentacle monster and it some of these shadowscale brutes. Just great, two of our fighters are still down and it looks like Pog just expects me to handle it. I botch my first attempt, the sleeping concoction is stronger than I thought. On the second try I manage to get Kurri up, but she just disappears before entering the fight. That leaves me and Anya as very vulnerable targets. Having to stop to heal a moment before I continue and wake up Peelp means those brutes are even closer. They continue to press in on me and Anya, eventually taking Anya down. Something weird occurs around them; I felt my ability to form the magic of one of my invocations dull.
We manage to pull out of the battle only mostly battered, Anya wasn’t as happy to see me healing her back up from being knocked out. I’ll have to figure out a way to work with her. I don’t think I can heal at a distance, at least not yet. I’ve heard of more powerful clerics who are able to heal many people at a distance. I wonder if there was some way my goddess could let me heal at a distance. Surely some sort of bolt of positive energy would be possible. I should look into this later; it could be a way to work together with Anya without fearing a slap or worse. I digress, it looks like we’ve settled into a semblance of camp, and it’s time for my prayers.

8th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Lizardfolk camp

The morning comes, a bit later since our late night battle shifted the need of sleep out a few more hours later than normal. I am glad that neither of my bases of power seems to require me to sleep uninterrupted for any length of time. We spent most of the day traveling toward this keep where the shadowscales are. This also happens to be the place where most of the dream-walkers head to. We tried to sneak closer to the entrance but something alerted the guards that people approached. Of course they weren’t the only thing that saw us approach. This weird ball of light also seemed to notice us. Of course it also wasn’t friendly to us as it zapped Sal. I couldn’t hit this stupid thing, but it doesn’t look like Anya is having much luck. Sal, the bear, and Pog are only getting through hitting it by ganging up on it.
Kurri and Peelp were gone for a while, sneaking over the wall to see if they could open the gate from within. It seems like they went further in, to the guard house to see if there is a way to open it from there. Of course that’s right where the guards were. We eventually dealt with the ball of energy. I went over the building while the rest were busy busting down a rusted door. After defeating the guards and making our way into the guard house the next group of lizardfolk attack. We didn’t take too long in fighting back against these foes. Afterwards we barricaded the doors to the guard house and took our rest.

9th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Old abandoned keep

We opened up the doors to the guard house expecting an ambush but after a few minutes we realized that none would come. Slowly we started to work our way around the side of the house. Clearly this is what they were waiting for as the battle commenced. Some spell caster managed to thwart Pog, casting him into darkness and from what I heard, slamming the door in his face. We had our own worries as more of the shadowscale brutes attacked from the main doors. Anya sure packs a punch with those frozen spells of hers, though it means she attracts the most attention from the brutes. Once again I have to impart a healing touch or few to her, receiving a few cold stares. By the moon, there’s nothing I can do about it!
Eventually the shadows hiding the spell caster work their way around to the front door and we are met with trying to spot the caster in this blasted darkness. Once again the flurry pops into existence around Anya, leaving my without much to see or do in this misty darkness. We manage to eventually defeat the caster. Anya takes a few steps back to keep the flurry out of hindering our entrance to the main keep.
The first encounter we have are with some worshipers of Mystra. Well at least they used to be worshipers of Mystra. As the battle starts we make an attempt to resolve the matters without force. The battlefield is no place for diplomacy, not that I’m good at it. Pog tried to release them from any domination the Starry Gnosis held on them, but it did not work. It seems that they may be too far gone to the shadows that infect them.
I regret that the battle must result in either one side or the other dying. Another name or few, if I can find theirs, to be added to the year’s Feast of the Moon, this year may prove to be a long list of remembrance. I have to wonder sometimes what I had gotten myself into with this new group. If their response is to kill first and ask questions later I may not be able to show them the path of joyous exploration of life.

Pog - These Comedy of errors about to turn in a fricken gnomish tragedy

Addendum Journal Day 3

I was just settled in and dreaming about a beautiful lightning storm. I just know I am about ready to create my own. When we were attacked by lizards, but not just any lizard the walking talking kind that use weapons. Must find out who was on watch. Ok so we are outnumbered, and they have some very big ones. And I thought for sure I was going to die. But if I am going down I’ll take as many as I can with me.

First one down was the fighter oh an arrow, just one you lousy ….. Later I found out it was poisoned but still very annoying. That blasted Cleric hiding why even try I just lay here and hope they think I am dead. Ya, that has never back fired. Oh there went Peelp next shocker. Surprise surprise Anya and Kurri were the only one holding their own. They did not last long but it was a respectable effort. Of course I was the last one standing and if that big one would not have pinned me down while his buddies played a marching tune on my body till I went unconscious I know I could have taken more down. Must add that spell to slow enemies down back into my list.

I’ll have to admit waking up was unexpected. And it’s always the same inane question, Who are you What are you doing here, blah blah blah. Zone of Truth was a different touch, I know how to work with this. Step one get me released, Step two get them to let us continue on, Step 3 next time we see and walking lizards show them the same courtesy they showed me.
On to bed wait what more talking chiefy says they will help us locate the fortress, but not attack due to bad juju. Yah well ok, let’s get some shuteye I’m very tired.
What was that a bird like thing with what had to be a dozen tentacles came down and smacked the chief and went still as a statue. I’ll show that thing what for. More of those shadow lizards attacks us as well. Obvious there is no support from these “nice” lizards, just as soon kill them all. But I digress since two our party are unconscious for their own protection and a third is nowhere to be found this is going to be ruff. So where do we stand I am taking on the monster Sal ran off by himself Anya is blasting away that blasted cleric is doing something useful waking up Kurri. Apparently she’s still a little lethargic as she was slow to get her rhythm going. Oh great Anya’s going to die why couldn’t it be David. After I shrug off what must have been a score of tentacles Doormat runs in like a hero. Damn he lived too. I finished off the bird monster and proceeded to work my way through the rest. It took Sal all combat to drop two, two of them. Will have to rethink his usefulness. That damn dog is more impressive and he’s a pathetic animal. David got Peelp into the mix right about when things started to wind down. At the end I did a head count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 damn they all are still alive.
Bed must sleep.

Journal Day 4

Ok so it’s the morning time to take the castle. Kessy promised us what he could for blah blah kill the evil ones, we’ll be so blah blah blah. Let’s move.
We approach late in the evening. This will enable them to surprise us, no doubt. Ok Kurri Peelp will go over the wall and open the gate. Let us hope they are faster than last time. Oh a pretty ball of light thingy a will-o-what damn its quick. It gave me a tickle everytime Sal got zapped. That was funny. Tried to send Doormat to go open the door would he nooooooooo. Stupid useless marsupial. Worst dog ever.

Apparently there was some resistance so we had to fight our way in through the portcullis’ and easily finish off the rest. Why it took them so long I don’t know. We decided to barricade ourselves in the guard room for a rest.

Journal Day 5

Ok so we thought they would figure out where we were and would be waiting for us. So we setup a barricade and bravely opened the doors prepared for the inevitable onslaught of of of of nothing. Of all the stupid inane things well let’s get moving.

It was like they were waiting for us to leave or something ‘cause as soon as we were out of the building bam here they come. Bam there they die. One of those lousy creature tried to pull a disappearing act but not today Doormat and I took him down.

I decided to head to smaller door to the right and found a knocked out section of the wall. So I said to myself, Self, what do you suppose is in there. And I replied I not sure but it looks fun. So we decided myself and I that is time to go in. Doormat followed. And what do you know a cleric of our very own to kill man I hate clerics. Then he has the nerve to pull the magical darkness trick go through the door and lock it. That’s right I know you’re scared. Cheap ass squirrely bastard. About that time Peelp came in ah ha he is sneaky I’ll wait till he opens the door. This one is to tough let’s try the other one. You broke it. Wow! Why I thought he could actually do it is more of a wonder to me that the surprise of the failure.

Back out the way we came and bam combat is over that was fun.

Back inside four of what looked like dominated townsfolk tried to bar our passage ok this is cute let’s not hurt them we have the antidote. What it doesn’t work well I do not have time for this. Kill them all.

David's Journal - Part 1

3rd of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Wheloon

My odd dreams of pegasi fleeing from the shadows have led me here, to a town called Wheloon. I haven’t heard much of this place but it seems a new temple has been opened and the other travelers are talking about paying it a visit. There is a policy of peace bonding in this country, it really has no consequence for me but I’m a bit concerned for any companions I pick up. Not being able to make quick use of a weapon because of this peace bonding would make for bad battles. Though glancing around at those who do have weapons it doesn’t seem like such a policy is hard to get around.
I spent a fair bit of time walking around town, deep in thought trying to connect places in this town with the dreams. Nothing clicked and once again I was back at having no leads. I must have spent some more time in thought than I thought as I come back to paying attention seated at a table with a meal served in front of me. A young waif sat across from me, devouring his meal. After making small talk for a while there was some commotion over at one of the booths. Most everyone in the place was glancing over to the young lady who approach the priestly looking chap. After taking a look at the situation I thought it best to get attention off the booth and to something else, ale would distract most here.
Approaching the table didn’t go quite as I intended, the young lady is very jumpy. I tried to take an empty seat, this clearly caused her distress as she jumped up onto the table. She had that odd blur that I associate with when I see something that is no longer visible. After her quite noisy retreat I found out some more about the halfling and Tunaster, the priest of Mystra. Listening to his story it sounds like someone, either the temple or this Tunaster aren’t what they seem. The authorities don’t seem to be interested in digging any further, but luckily I don’t follow them. The job seems to pay alright for investigating this, so it seems I’ve got myself into a new group.
Somehow the group managed to gather together. Trying to get everyone acquainted, I started by introducing myself and then let the others introduce themselves. Of course the next to go had to be the goblin in disguise. I still don’t know what the likes of him wants with a group of humanoids. It seems Pog likes to take charge and places himself as the most important, to the point that others clearly are lesser than him. I’ll have to watch out and make sure this isn’t going to turn out like the last group. I nearly got ripped off there from a “communal share”, except I had the wand of healing. After the slightly tense and awkward meeting we all had our plans.
With the fighter, who for some reason thinks odd of me, I went out to talk with the shopkeepers, merchants, and the lower fringe of any courtiers out and about this afternoon. We didn’t uncover anything of note; no one seems to have any issues or knows anything more about the temple and its occupants. Later that night we joined the temple’s evening services to see how they were conducted. Some of us noticed the use of an illusion in the course of the service, odd but not something that we could identify as a strange occurrence. They talked about this ritual of “Mystra’s Sacred Trust” and tried to see if any of us would participate. For various reason it didn’t appeal to any of us. It was something to look into, maybe there are some people in town who have gone through this ritual.

4th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Wheloon

The next day we spent some time trying to find anyone who has been through the ritual of “Mystra’s Sacred Trust”. We came up completely empty, not a single person out in town has gone through it or knows of someone who did. This started to sound odd, the town should have had at least one person to gone through the ritual, that seemed common in the past. We spent the rest of the time planning and preparing for that night. After the temple closed for the night we would try to sneak in.

5th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Wheloon, Temple of Mystra Shar

Sneaking in didn’t go as planned, I’m hoping that’s not going to be a common theme for my time with this group. The elven lady, who had been confident of her climbing ability, was unable to find her way up the wall. I was a little embarrassed that I had my magic to make it just but a stroll up the wall. I went to check on her, not sure I understand her reactions yet. I don’t seem to be making as good impression on her as I was expecting. The guards heard our commotion and started over to investigate, however it wasn’t long before Pog on the other side drew their attention. I joined the battle up top letting Kurri continue to try climbing up the wall. We weren’t able to avoid our presence being announced.
Two other, casters, came and fought back. One of them looks to be the cleric who presided over the services last night. Near the end he turned invisible, thinking him safe while none could see him. Unfortunately for him, I see even the invisible. Soon all of our enemies were defeated. Kurri finally climbed over the wall. It was a good thing as I’m not sure how the rest of us would have managed to open the barred door for Anya and Sal. It was after this battle we got our first clue that something might really be amiss. The cleric’s holy symbol had an aura of illusion. What did this cleric have to hide?
We continued into the temple and fought our next battle with another priest and his guards. Once again he had a holy symbol hiding a secret, only this time we managed to figure out the command to reveal its secrets. Letting out a curse under my breath, I saw a holy symbol of Shar. This clearly wasn’t a temple of Mystra but of the Lady of Loss. We still didn’t know what purpose they had in disguising themselves as Mystra’s followers.
Searching around a bit longer we found some petitioners, who reacted to their captor’s death in an unexpected way. We had to round them back up and return them to their locked room. It would be hard to argue our finding now and bringing in the purple dragons. We fought some more guards, though these seemed a bit different in the back room. The back room itself held a secret passage down into the depths of the mesa. We slept into later in the morning before continuing down.
Below we found even more evidence of the temple’s true nature. Out battles haven’t been the most efficient and effective, we seem to clash a bit. We managed through though and collected up a bit more evidence and eventually revealing the fate that befell Amnic. Moving onwards we eventually came through an illusion into another hidden area. Before us was a portal to the plane of shadows. We all avoided it and found out how they were able to get petitioners out without anyone in town noticing, we also found a petitioner left behind. Releasing her from the weave that controlled her mind we set her free.
Finished with our search of the temple and now with sufficient evidence of the temple’s true nature we went up to leave the temple. We freed the two remaining petitioners from the weave controlling their minds. Unfortunately for us, mid-day approached and a number of people had come to spend their time in the courtyard. I donned my vestments, hoping none would pay close attention to them and my holy symbol. After turning them away for the day, we continued on our business. I went with Kurri to tell Amnic’s wife of his fate. I performed a ceremony for Amnic in the public graveyard; it seemed to please Kurri and Amnic’s wife.
Later we traveled to meet with the local lord, Sarc Redbeard. We presented the evidence we found revealing the true nature of the temple. He was still disappointed to see it brought to a close as such, being good for the town’s economy. However, he did offer us a reward to continue investigating the trail shown on the map and finding out more about where the kidnapped people were being taken and what they were being taken for. Always good to get paid for what, at least I, was likely to continue following.
I spent the rest of my time back at the fake temple; it’s as close as I’ve gotten to a good place for this ritual. I started just as I was instructed to do, making offerings and reflecting on the Weave itself. This would allow me to draw out the magic of the chain shirt that I wear. During my meditation to my surprise a vision of Lurue appears from the nearby statue and gives me an approving look. Good to know I’m getting her approval. With the ritual complete I felt a closer connection to this strange armor. I knew someday that while it would serve me, along with the control of the more raw power, that I would probably find myself called upon to repay my debt from these things.

6th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Leaving Wheloon, by the Way of the Manticore

The day started out poorly for me, since my talent with riding horses is sorely lacking. I sweat that saddle must have been greased, not sooner than when I try and mount that I slip off the horse and land on my ass. Sal patiently helped me mount up and we were able to get underway. We traveled along the road to a point where we could leave the road and head straight to the tomb marked on the map we found in the temple.
Close to evening we came across an odd pair of gentleman, who offered some food and to share their campsite. It wasn’t long before some of the others started to ask questions of their business. It became evident that they weren’t always dealing in legal goods. They told us of the recent new residents of their favored warehouse, the tomb.

7th of Mirtul, 1374
Cormyr, Off the Way of the Manticore

We continued on to the tomb, with the smugglers following us. Inside the tomb we encountered some rather shady gnomish creatures, along will a taller human-like creature. Both of these creatures were fairly good at hiding and a bit dark in complexion. We fared a bit better in battle this time, though I was caught up in the arcane spell caster’s flurry, obstructing my vision through a fair bit of the battle. Done with the tomb, we used the map to get back on the trail of where the prisoners of the temple were taken.
Continuing onwards we entered the swamp, eventually breaking for camp at some high ground. We barely got any rest as some lizardfolk ambushed us. This encounter brought me much shame, before I could get fully awake and assess the situation one of them knocked out the spikes of my tent and I got wrapped inside it. I tried to assess the battle from there; however it was quite a bit harder to do without being able to see the battle. With the sounds of many attackers and a fierce battle I prepared for when I might have the opportunity to free myself and providing any help I could while still captured by my own tent. The opportunity to see if canceling the magic of my tent would free me from being wrapped in it never arose. I’m still not sure if I chose to change my tent back into my cloak would it have freed me from being trapped inside it.

Kurri and the Wall

The decision was made to storm the temple shortly after midnight. The final ceremony is over and the commoners are back in town, the guard will have just changed, and we have the added cover of night. The gate will be closed and likely barred from the inside. This will present an obstacle to our weaker party members. But given that we can get one or two members over the wall silently, they should be able to overtake the guard – hopefully before any alarms are sounded. Even so, just getting one into the courtyard to open the gate will make this an even fight.

Anya, Sal, and the bear will wait in the perimeter wood as eyes on the gatehouse until the doors are opened. Pog and Peelp will scale one side of the keep, though someone forgot to tell Pog to give his orders SILENTLY. David and I take the other side.

We can already hear Pog making some kind of raucous and can only assume that they have started their ascent. David looks at me. Waiting? I guess. Or maybe this is one of the chivalrous things I’ve heard about, but never understood.

I start to climb the wall, but apparently the stones were freshly painted and my footing slipped after only ten feet.

David meanwhile, looks down at me from halfway up the wall or more. Smile on his face and disbelief in his eyes. He has the gaul to climb down and whisper to me to see if I’m all right.

So he is kind of nice! Doesn’t mean I need to be kind while sitting on my ass in the mud. I waive him off and look at the wall in disgust.

“Spider climb” I mock silently while rolling my eyes.

Yeah, okay. They asked me if I could climb before this started. Of course I can climb! No big deal, right? Well for some reason I was thinking of trees, rocks, hills — all of which I can take without thinking twice. I guess I hadn’t expected the stone wall to be quite so vertical. What is it with humans and their need to erect crap?

Okay let’s try this again. Up and… no. But this time I curse out loud as I tumble to the ground. Laying flat on my back again in the mud and now I am really mad.

We can hear the guard coming our direction. So I activate my cloak to conceal myself and David from unfriendly eyes.

I hear a horn and Pog with his squeally war cry. How did I know that moron would draw the attention of the guards before knocking them unconscious? The horn cuts off abruptly and the accompanying sound must have been the guard going down. Go Peelp!

Well now that I don’t have to worry as much about silence I should be able to climb. Try number 3 has me half-way up and hanging on.

There is discussion above, but I am a little too distracted with NOT falling to pay attention to the words. Out of nowhere a rope slaps me upside the head. I grab on with one hand and steady myself with the other to complete my climb.

1-2-3 and the anchor of my rope releases and I fall, once again on my ass, though I may have twisted my ankle in this fall. From the shadows above me I swear I saw that pudgy halfling with his toothy smile waiving at me and a haunting laugh swallowed by the wind.

Thats it!!! I march around to the front entrance where the Statues stand at more than half the height of the wall. There is some strange fog growing where the guard house used to be but I am too determined now to care. I start climbing the statue, which couldn’t be much different than a tree.

Wrong again, as I slide down the backside of the statue head first. At this point I have lost all track of my party members and what the goal of this mission was. I will climb this damn stone if it takes me all night.

The next try gets me to the top, but my foot gets caught as I make the final leap to the ledge of the wall, and now I am dangling upside down. The bear has found me and is whining and pawing at me like a piñata. It would maybe be more helpful if he could climb a wall or let’s say had wings and flying would make this climbing thing obsolete.

I manage to get back to my feet without losing any ground and make the leap to the wall — successfully I might add. Looking around it appears that both guards are out cold, and two of the priest has joined the fight in the courtyard. One is nearly down and the other is battling with two of my comrades. Taking out my longbow I take an easy shot and then descent to the courtyard floor.

Getting down from the ledge is easy work – apparently, I have more skill in falling than climbing. Or so I am told…and the bear is usually right, so I trust his judgment.

By the time I reach the fight, it is over. Anya and Sal are banging on the door for us to let them in. Now that I think about it, I do believe I saw them take out the last of the guards outside the gatehouse and reach the gate. But my memory seems to be upside down…weird.

A quick search of the gatehouse and the courtyard do not reveal anything out of the ordinary. The bodies are hidden in the gatehouse. By our estimates we have until daybreak to complete our search before any one comes snooping around the temple.

Someone decides that now would be a great time to unlock the gate to the inner temple. That would be great except that I am covered in mud, and bruises, and I’m pretty sure this is a limp I am walking with now. Oh yes, I remember where I got that rope burn on my hand now. Someone please remind me to put a rock or twelve under Pog’s pillow tonight.

How Curiosity Killed the Druid - Pt 2 (by Kurri)

Temple of Mystra – Scouting Party
Peelp and I have scouted around the perimeter of the temple. This Peelp is quite the interesting character. I am most intrigued by his presence, though it is difficult to decipher his words when he speaks. But if I can speak with the animals around me certainly I can learn his language as well.

Leading the way to the temple are well tended pathways as the shrubbery slowly gets denser and the surrounding forest begins to envelope our destination. At last I feel my heart return to a normal rhythm as the people thin and the buildings disappear. But then realize I have strayed from our path, and hurry to catch up to Peelp who is headed towards the temple and not the forest.

The temple is a stone fortress of sorts built into the natural defenses of the hill side. There is a small gate house to one side. From our estimates there are two watches manned by a total five men that we can count. The temple is open for the city people who come and go freely through the front entrance of the keep. As we scout the perimeter it appears that the heavy gated entrance is the only access. The walls are no taller than the average tree (approximately 20 feet or so I am told). There are two statues out front that I assume would be of the deity Mystra, but I would guess that David may be a better judge of such things than I am.

Before we had a chance to report our findings, it appears that Pog and Anya’s tasks have led them to the center of temple courtyard. I can hear Pog’s voice over the clatter of people inside. How can something so small as a halfling be such s large pain in the ass? Even now he is opening doors and being noticed when he should not.

We all meet up again and share the profits of our separate scoutings. David and Sal it seems are slightly more cunning than my experience has been while working in a party. Unlike Pog who tends to stumble onto truths and not nearly as often as he stumbles into trouble, these two seem to know what to ask and of whom. It appears that an offer was made to Anya to join in an honored 3-day worship of Mystra. Which she considered briefly until the apparel requirements were disclosed. Thoroughly repulsed Anya chose to stay with the group while we worked together to unravel the mysteries of the temple.

The decision is made to attend the nightly ceremony at the temple as commoners. We were welcomed like any townsfolk and I stayed in the back of the crowd. I wasn’t interested in the ceremonies but more in what the people were…

Would you look at that? The stars were visible from the courtyard during this gathering. Against the black sky they were brighter and far more brilliant than I had ever seen them. Mesmerized, my gaze is on the sky and I imagine that I am watching it from my favorite tree top with the river nearby and surrounded by forest animals rather than people.

As the ceremony ended, the party decided to do some more scouting the following day. Peelp and I take advantage of the cover of night to scout deeper along the perimeter all the way to the river. Our best guess is that the belly of the hill holds the inner most sanctum of the temple. There was nothing out of the ordinary and no secret entrances or exits.

After watching the soothing stars and traipsing through the forest I found it difficult to consider going back into town. I explain that I will sleep in the forest tonight and will meet up with the group at day break.


Odd pinkskins, hope they don’t kill me in my sleep. Gots some leads on getting out of the village. One being this Mystra guy who I don’t trust at all. Was all concerned about finding out the troubles of the new temple, but I recon that he was just kicked out for not licking boots when he should have. Going in, all of these idgets are going to get caught and just get me killed.

Sal – Sword worth about 100gp, Armor 700 gp (will need horse to carry), slave value 250 gp (will need to hit with mallet – may affect value). Other gear in backpack and pounches – have not gone through. Note: Watch out for him he is clever, hates green skins, and is too quiet.

Pog – Sling value worthless, armor 20gp in the right town, bear (good eats), slave value worthless. Note: Let him do the talking and were all dead. Still its better than others I guess.

Anya – weapon?, armor?, slave value 700gp (good looking), Note: my favorite out of them all, and a wizard. Watch for her snowballs.

David – Note: OFF LIMITS, bought me a bunch of food, thought I am not sure if he knows, nice guy anyway.

Kurri – weapons 1400 gp (nice), armor 70gp, gear unknown – have yet to go through. Note: Unknown slave value she seems about half wild, a bit mad, and well just sort of dirty. She seems nice, maybe off limits.

All of em but the elf seem hateful, typical for there ignorant kind. Anya was being down right cunning when she was posing as my mother and it seems that it good to keep her around. I honestly think that most of them can be brought around, and if I can just change a few minds, maybe more will change too. Sal though em…those eyes are just to blank. Though they all seem pretty scared of the shadows…don’t know why. What was those monks telling me about Shar….

How Curiosity Killed the Druid (by Kurri)

Wheloon – New Day, New Party
As we enter Wheloon from the south, I am happy that the damn druid decided to go his own way in town. He’s been complaining constantly about our recent mission in Hermit’s Wood. I wonder if I happen across a cleric, if he might do something about the pain in my head.

I really hate these towns, the buildings, the people. Maybe I’ll never understand their reasons for wanting to surround themselves with “walls” and “roofs”. Don’t even get me started on their need for “pets”. And what the hell is a pillow good for. There is nothing more comfortable or inviting than a tree limb and the open sky. With a shutter I start walking through the streets, careful to not touch anyone. Thankfully this little town does not seem too crowded today. I wonder if everyone is out hunting?

“Ouch.” I hop for a second and look down at what tripped me, “Oh! A rock. Looks heavy and a little shiney too. Great for throwing. Oh yeah this will work great!” So I tuck the new rock in my pouch with the others I have collected today.

There is a lot of chatter among the towns people about a Temple and Mystra and some dude in the Inn looking for help. I see something dazzeling in one window, then the next window has interesting things too. Nothing that would persuad me to enter one of these blasted building but looking never hurt anything. Now I am going from window to window and the bustle of people around me does not seem as intimidating.

I come across a building with many papers and books on shelves inside. The sign says Basalt Books but the store is vacant, sans a kind looking lady. Is this shop closed? Then the lady sees me and starts waving me inside while asking for help.

With a deep breath I approach her and actually enter the establishment. Just one step inside and I already wish I hadn’t. Breathe!

The kind lady introduces herself Mela and explains that she is looking for an adventurer to help her find her missing husband, Amnic, who has been missing for a couple of days. After completing a quick search, I found a pamphlet on which Amnic has written a message.

Around that time the Druid comes bumbling in and the pain in my head gets instantly worse. I start backing towards the door, while promising this lady that I will look into the disappearance the her Amnic. She points me in the direction of the Inn and I go in search of this priest I have heard rummors of.

Once again I ponder the stupidity of humans and their facination with buildings over nature. With my cloak if invisibility activated I enter yet another death trap of a hovel – this time called the Wyvernn Watch Inn. Nervous about my surrounding, but unseen I wander among the patrons until I can identify the priest of Mystra.

The druid has of course followed me in my mission and after a short and useless arguement outside, is now making an arragont fool of himself inside as well. There are other people in the Inn and a few stand out in my mind as odd missfits. A quiet and cold lady sitting near the bar watching people too intently. And odd red haired child like thing who is scampering under and around people and tables nearly unnoticed but devours foot like an animal might. He seems to be accompanied by a man in robes who seems especially observant. There is also a mercenary that has most definately taken notice of Pog. All the while I have identified the man in blue sitting at a booth as the priest I was told to find.

I sit accross from him in the booth and then deactivate my cloak, as I begin asking him questions. Completely forgetting that some people are easily startled. But it’s too late and if I stop now, I might lose my nerve and have to wait for him to leave the building before I can ask my questions. Which wouldn’t be a problem except a number of people seem to be interested in the same man. Now that Pog has rudly interupted me once again and others are coming over to interject in our meeting, my instinct is that this is not safe. Indeed I should have waited until we could have discussed this outside. I try to convince the man to leave with me now so we can discuss matters in a safer venue.

Startled by the man in robes, who decided to not only cause a comotion but decided to sit beside me trapping me in the booth, I panic and hide again under my cloak before running from the building.

I take the time to calm down while listening to parts of the discussions while the priest is ambushed by Pog and the man in robes, David. No longer shaking I gather the courage to march into the building one last time and ask the question I needed answered. Tunaster agreed that the answers I was looking for may be found in the mysteries contained in the Temple of Mystra.

I left the inn in search of a good place to rest and think. I wanted to go to the forest not too far away, but the bear was the whole reason I was putting up with the pain in my head named Pog. If and when I can convince the druid to release the bear from his service we can happily part ways, but until then I needed to make sure that poor, beautiful bear was safe. And considering Pog was inside and likely to stay the night in this establishment, I saw no better place to wait out my stay than the roof.

After a while, Tunaster left followed by Pog and David who came out to convince me to join them for a meeting. Where else would a bunch of humanoid people what to meet but inside the damn building. Fire hazards and death traps and an abomination to nature. Grumbling I join them. Though for what good it did, I’m not sure.

Other than myself and the grossly unqualified Druid and his innocent bear (please don’t let him tell you it’s a dog), this gathering consisted of the following:

  • The icey glare of Anya, something along the lines of an ice princess, wizard I think and defintely human. She is very pretty and keeps quiet. I have a feeling that she would enjoy thowing rocks at my least favorite druid very soon too.
  • A most fascinating creature named Scotty, or Peelp, the red head child like creature is actually a goblinoid rogue. His disguises are masterful and insight my curiosity. I like him.
  • Then there was the mercenary looking man, Sal. He is observant and relaxed, though I am not sure I like the way his acquiescence to the Druid. Any fool can see this halfling failed his druid test. If Sal can’t then his intellegence is still to be determined. But at least we share an efficiency in melee fighting.
  • There was also David, the man in robes, a cleric of some sort. So things are looking good that I might actually get a chance to heal the pain in my head. If I can’t get rid of Pog any sooner, that is.

The meeting was mostly Pog being delusional but in the end I think we all decided to work together for a common purpose. Though I think that common purpose may have been gold and riches, or maybe it was drinking and sex. I’m still a little confused.

The plan is to do some recon with the changling. I do hope he shows me some of his other disguises.

First impressions

3/25: I was still feeling out this crew. No one who seemed able to really fight, no one I knew well, which was fine by me. Don’t want attachments, nor does there seem potential for any—just doing my job.

Weird crew. Frosti, the Pygmy and his ‘dog’, the weird mage David, Kurri the feral elf, and a fucking goblin. Better still, a goblin who can ‘pass’ for a human child. I don’t really care who or what they are. The pertinent question was: can they and would they fight?

If the fight by the underground dock was any guide, they didn’t look too sharp. We got a few guys and a fricking otyugh, which tried to grab me. Not so easy. It eventually ran away and we got a great loot pile. Sweet—things are looking up on the gold front.

Got a taste of their better side when we invaded some mausoleum, maybe properly called an ossuary. Yeah, they think I’m too stupid to know those words. We got into this thanks to running into some gnomes. So we invaded it; for me, the highlight was bullrushing their big guy into next week. The goblin is a damn ghost, who snuck all the way in. It’s bad, though, when you have to tell a thief to make sure he steals. Then some of them dumbly swiped some of the recovered gnomish smugglers’ swag. I award myself a decoration just for not calling anyone an idiot.

So they decided we had to invade a swamp. Don’t much like swamps I don’t know, and with good reason. Our camp got bushwhacked by a ton of lizards. I was not a factor, shot in the arm with a paralytic arrow in the initial barrage, which is kind of scary if you’ve never been a POW before. If you have, the rules are simple: shut up, don’t give them a reason to pound you, and you might live. I hear we put up a pretty good fight, which I didn’t get to see. Wish I’d been in it. Then we got strapped down and bagged up. The elf gal went full rabies, and the interrogation began. Pygmy, predictably, had diarrhea of the mouth. I just told them the minimum.

Maybe we’ll get out of this, maybe not. Always knew the day would come. But I have to say: the rewards match up to the risk, if you keep your cool, which bodes badly for the elf gal.

Pog - Let's see what useless lifeforms I picked up this time.

Journal Day 1

After heeding the call to investigate the “Temple of Mystra” I find myself with others who have responded to the call. I know my dog Doormat and I could have handled this alone. (Although I am sure Kurri would tag along again) I am surrounded by those of the adventuring sort. Let’s list them off shall we.
Sal – A surly veteran Mercenary, big, easy to shoot arrows at he should be useful at drawing fire. We’ll see if he can do anything with that big sword.
Scotty or, um, Peelp – A master at disguise, ya that is useful in a dungeon, but he seems to be able to move around and take advantage of people.
Kurri – Been saddled with this one for months. She likes Doormat, why I don’t know. She is still alive so has been capable in a fight.
David – Great a holier than thou stinking cleric. Never have liked one, never will. Shooting off arcane energy was a surprise. But this “I’m good, I know better” will get annoying quickly.
Finally Anya – She’s pretty. Looks a little fragile as in the somebody-hit-me-with-a-scroll-so-I-am-going-to-lay-here-and-die-from-my-grievous-injury sort. Did I mention she’s pretty.

At least they are taking my direction fairly well. Let’s see how the scouting mission goes.
Just as I suspected nothing. At least they are living up to my expectations.
Tomorrow night we sneak in to the temple. Here’s hoping one of them dies.

Journal Day 2

Well we made it in. Kurri was suppose to get inside and open the door. She failed, no surprise there, to climb the wall. Just to add insult to injury I “attempted” to help her up well the rope “slipped,” that gave me a chuckle. After I almost single handily disabled the opposition, Kurri put on a impressive athletic display. (ha ha) And was finally able to let everyone in.

With all of us together there was no real opposition. Still when we let out that couple of inductees, how those two were able get past these mighty adventure I don’t know, so as always I had to take matters in my own hands and render them incapacitated.

After eliminating the rest of the resistance and finding out that the taxidermy skills don’t only apply to animals (nice work) we moved on to find a shimmering portal of darkness. This always ends well. Peelp having no problem with this went on through. If a lousy goblin can do it so can I. Drat they all followed.

In the basement more of these so called clerics, and look a hostage I think. Ha ha. I’ll beem one with my sling. Kurri was in the way. I said duck and she turned around. She’ll get that right next time.

With the captive released and apparently all of us still alive, even that damn goblin even though he was under water for at least half a minute, must find out his secret. We let the captive go using the kayak and set the boat adrift for fun.

Up top we found a group milling about wanting to get in the temple. Not wanting extra attention at the moment, I put that cleric to good use and he turned all those suckers away.

So before we went to the Lord of this city I thought it was a good idea to freshen up. So some of my team went to deliver the bad news to that book store person (so not getting involved with that drama) and others went to go get rid of the loot. And what do you know Anya’s not just a pretty face apparently she’s a merchant too. This could be very useful to me.

After our conversation with the Lord (I really did not want my face on another wanted poster) he was ok with it. Whew, I was pretty sure we were screwed. No we need to find those that were sent off towards the swamp. Well at least it is not in the city anymore, but I do enjoy a nice bed every once in a while.

Journal Day 3

We head off to find the path marked on the map. A little after midday, we run into a pair of gnome merchant. As life partners go they were nice fellows and made some tasty rabbit. Apparently their chosen hiding spot for their questionable goods is now the home of some goblin like creatures. This sounds entertaining and another good chance for me to see this “team” in action. We were surprised when they actually used some sense in their approach. Sal’s use of his big body to move the enemy is useful. He is strong like bull, even smells a little like one.

At the end of the day we find the swamp. Here we make camp before we go in tomorrow. I sure hope I did not make a mistake allowing some of these people to come along with me.

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