Tri-Cities Heroes of Faerun

Sal - Will Work for Loot

Sal has spent a few days in Wheloon after travelling from Arabel where he plied his trade during the Goblin War a couple of years ago. However, leadership took most of the credit and Sal was left with little to show for his work aside from a few new scars and some coin. He has wandered Southeast to Wheloon where the Purple Dragons are less visible and the law is less oppressive. Sal is looking for a reason to stay in this town that straddles the Wyvernflow. You saw a listing for guards for some new temple being built on the north side of town but the work looked boring and the pay was insulting. He been staying in the Wyvern Watch Inn but little of interest has caught his attention.

Currently, Sal hangs out at the inn in search of intercourse, mild intoxication and potential employment.

Kurri - Releasing the bear from the halfling trap

Kurri followed Pog into Wheloon to resupply. Normally both would be able to live off the land quite well but there’s been an influx of critters from the Vast Swamp which you the two have been helping get settled in the Hermit’s Wood south of Wheloon. Pog usually just gets in the way of the ranger’s work. Kurri entered Wheloon from the south to find the city folk mindlessly going about their lives. The town is new to them both but they’re sure they can find whatever they need if they ask around.

Pog - Delusional views from down here

Pog came into Wheloon to resupply with his dog and the wild elf. Normally he would be able to live off the land quite well but there’s been an influx of critters from the Vast Swamp which he and Kurri have been helping get settled in the Hermit’s Wood south of Wheloon. Pog routinely gets in the way of the ranger’s work and is still trying to teach the dog to fetch. They entered Wheloon from the south to find the city folk mindlessly going about their lives. This town is new to him but he’s sure they will come to find Pog is as great as he advertises.

Peelp - Many faces, none purty

Scotty has been in Wheloon for a couple of days. He recently escaped an orphanage in Suzail after one night in their care. He used one of his many disguises to hitch a ride on a merchant caravan as a gnome bard. Of course, they suggested he remain in Wheloon as they didn’t enjoy his singing voice as much as he thought they should. Switching back to his waif disguise has allowed him free reign of most of the streets. Scotty looked for some alms at the new Temple of Mystra but were turned away with polite but persistent hands. He’s looking for the next angle to get his foot in the door in human trade while he bides his time in Wheloon.

Anya - Are you cold or are you smuggling raisins?

Anya continues to make her way south. She runs from the cold environment because it reminds her of what she’s lost even though she loathes the warmer climate. Her trek through the Thunder Peaks renewed her icy vigor but repleted her funds. She is looking for temporary employment with as few attachments as possible. As she enters Wheloon along the Way of the Manticore she sees the following posted on a marker:

_To those of Strong Arm, Keen Mind, and Curiosity, Salutations!

See the man in blue at the Wyvern Watch Inn before the 23rd if you wish to hear a peculiar riddle, and are willing to undertake a commission to discover its answer. _

She makes her way to the inn and quickly notices a man in robes of blue sitting nervously at a corner table nursing a stiff drink. As is her wont, she decides to wait and watch. If she sees an opportunity to make some coin she will take it.

Daucreash - Wild flying horse chase?

David has sailed the Dragonmere from Westgate, then North to Wheloon via the Wyvernflow. His dreams of late have featured pegasi fleeing from shadows and has led to Cormyr. Lurue is obviously guiding him but to what purpose he’s not sure.

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Pog - Let's see what useless lifeforms I picked up this time.

Journal Day 1

After heeding the call to investigate the “Temple of Mystra” I find myself with others who have responded to the call. I know my dog Doormat and I could have handled this alone. (Although I am sure Kurri would tag along again) I am surrounded by those of the adventuring sort. Let’s list them off shall we.
Sal – A surly veteran Mercenary, big, easy to shoot arrows at he should be useful at drawing fire. We’ll see if he can do anything with that big sword.
Scotty or, um, Peelp – A master at disguise, ya that is useful in a dungeon, but he seems to be able to move around and take advantage of people.
Kurri – Been saddled with this one for months. She likes Doormat, why I don’t know. She is still alive so has been capable in a fight.
David – Great a holier than thou stinking cleric. Never have liked one, never will. Shooting off arcane energy was a surprise. But this “I’m good, I know better” will get annoying quickly.
Finally Anya – She’s pretty. Looks a little fragile as in the somebody-hit-me-with-a-scroll-so-I-am-going-to-lay-here-and-die-from-my-grievous-injury sort. Did I mention she’s pretty.

At least they are taking my direction fairly well. Let’s see how the scouting mission goes.
Just as I suspected nothing. At least they are living up to my expectations.
Tomorrow night we sneak in to the temple. Here’s hoping one of them dies.

Journal Day 2

Well we made it in. Kurri was suppose to get inside and open the door. She failed, no surprise there, to climb the wall. Just to add insult to injury I “attempted” to help her up well the rope “slipped,” that gave me a chuckle. After I almost single handily disabled the opposition, Kurri put on a impressive athletic display. (ha ha) And was finally able to let everyone in.

With all of us together there was no real opposition. Still when we let out that couple of inductees, how those two were able get past these mighty adventure I don’t know, so as always I had to take matters in my own hands and render them incapacitated.

After eliminating the rest of the resistance and finding out that the taxidermy skills don’t only apply to animals (nice work) we moved on to find a shimmering portal of darkness. This always ends well. Peelp having no problem with this went on through. If a lousy goblin can do it so can I. Drat they all followed.

In the basement more of these so called clerics, and look a hostage I think. Ha ha. I’ll beem one with my sling. Kurri was in the way. I said duck and she turned around. She’ll get that right next time.

With the captive released and apparently all of us still alive, even that damn goblin even though he was under water for at least half a minute, must find out his secret. We let the captive go using the kayak and set the boat adrift for fun.

Up top we found a group milling about wanting to get in the temple. Not wanting extra attention at the moment, I put that cleric to good use and he turned all those suckers away.

So before we went to the Lord of this city I thought it was a good idea to freshen up. So some of my team went to deliver the bad news to that book store person (so not getting involved with that drama) and others went to go get rid of the loot. And what do you know Anya’s not just a pretty face apparently she’s a merchant too. This could be very useful to me.

After our conversation with the Lord (I really did not want my face on another wanted poster) he was ok with it. Whew, I was pretty sure we were screwed. No we need to find those that were sent off towards the swamp. Well at least it is not in the city anymore, but I do enjoy a nice bed every once in a while.

Journal Day 3

We head off to find the path marked on the map. A little after midday, we run into a pair of gnome merchant. As life partners go they were nice fellows and made some tasty rabbit. Apparently their chosen hiding spot for their questionable goods is now the home of some goblin like creatures. This sounds entertaining and another good chance for me to see this “team” in action. We were surprised when they actually used some sense in their approach. Sal’s use of his big body to move the enemy is useful. He is strong like bull, even smells a little like one.

At the end of the day we find the swamp. Here we make camp before we go in tomorrow. I sure hope I did not make a mistake allowing some of these people to come along with me.

First impressions

3/25: I was still feeling out this crew. No one who seemed able to really fight, no one I knew well, which was fine by me. Don’t want attachments, nor does there seem potential for any—just doing my job.

Weird crew. Frosti, the Pygmy and his ‘dog’, the weird mage David, Kurri the feral elf, and a fucking goblin. Better still, a goblin who can ‘pass’ for a human child. I don’t really care who or what they are. The pertinent question was: can they and would they fight?

If the fight by the underground dock was any guide, they didn’t look too sharp. We got a few guys and a fricking otyugh, which tried to grab me. Not so easy. It eventually ran away and we got a great loot pile. Sweet—things are looking up on the gold front.

Got a taste of their better side when we invaded some mausoleum, maybe properly called an ossuary. Yeah, they think I’m too stupid to know those words. We got into this thanks to running into some gnomes. So we invaded it; for me, the highlight was bullrushing their big guy into next week. The goblin is a damn ghost, who snuck all the way in. It’s bad, though, when you have to tell a thief to make sure he steals. Then some of them dumbly swiped some of the recovered gnomish smugglers’ swag. I award myself a decoration just for not calling anyone an idiot.

So they decided we had to invade a swamp. Don’t much like swamps I don’t know, and with good reason. Our camp got bushwhacked by a ton of lizards. I was not a factor, shot in the arm with a paralytic arrow in the initial barrage, which is kind of scary if you’ve never been a POW before. If you have, the rules are simple: shut up, don’t give them a reason to pound you, and you might live. I hear we put up a pretty good fight, which I didn’t get to see. Wish I’d been in it. Then we got strapped down and bagged up. The elf gal went full rabies, and the interrogation began. Pygmy, predictably, had diarrhea of the mouth. I just told them the minimum.

Maybe we’ll get out of this, maybe not. Always knew the day would come. But I have to say: the rewards match up to the risk, if you keep your cool, which bodes badly for the elf gal.

How Curiosity Killed the Druid (by Kurri)

Wheloon – New Day, New Party
As we enter Wheloon from the south, I am happy that the damn druid decided to go his own way in town. He’s been complaining constantly about our recent mission in Hermit’s Wood. I wonder if I happen across a cleric, if he might do something about the pain in my head.

I really hate these towns, the buildings, the people. Maybe I’ll never understand their reasons for wanting to surround themselves with “walls” and “roofs”. Don’t even get me started on their need for “pets”. And what the hell is a pillow good for. There is nothing more comfortable or inviting than a tree limb and the open sky. With a shutter I start walking through the streets, careful to not touch anyone. Thankfully this little town does not seem too crowded today. I wonder if everyone is out hunting?

“Ouch.” I hop for a second and look down at what tripped me, “Oh! A rock. Looks heavy and a little shiney too. Great for throwing. Oh yeah this will work great!” So I tuck the new rock in my pouch with the others I have collected today.

There is a lot of chatter among the towns people about a Temple and Mystra and some dude in the Inn looking for help. I see something dazzeling in one window, then the next window has interesting things too. Nothing that would persuad me to enter one of these blasted building but looking never hurt anything. Now I am going from window to window and the bustle of people around me does not seem as intimidating.

I come across a building with many papers and books on shelves inside. The sign says Basalt Books but the store is vacant, sans a kind looking lady. Is this shop closed? Then the lady sees me and starts waving me inside while asking for help.

With a deep breath I approach her and actually enter the establishment. Just one step inside and I already wish I hadn’t. Breathe!

The kind lady introduces herself Mela and explains that she is looking for an adventurer to help her find her missing husband, Amnic, who has been missing for a couple of days. After completing a quick search, I found a pamphlet on which Amnic has written a message.

Around that time the Druid comes bumbling in and the pain in my head gets instantly worse. I start backing towards the door, while promising this lady that I will look into the disappearance the her Amnic. She points me in the direction of the Inn and I go in search of this priest I have heard rummors of.

Once again I ponder the stupidity of humans and their facination with buildings over nature. With my cloak if invisibility activated I enter yet another death trap of a hovel – this time called the Wyvernn Watch Inn. Nervous about my surrounding, but unseen I wander among the patrons until I can identify the priest of Mystra.

The druid has of course followed me in my mission and after a short and useless arguement outside, is now making an arragont fool of himself inside as well. There are other people in the Inn and a few stand out in my mind as odd missfits. A quiet and cold lady sitting near the bar watching people too intently. And odd red haired child like thing who is scampering under and around people and tables nearly unnoticed but devours foot like an animal might. He seems to be accompanied by a man in robes who seems especially observant. There is also a mercenary that has most definately taken notice of Pog. All the while I have identified the man in blue sitting at a booth as the priest I was told to find.

I sit accross from him in the booth and then deactivate my cloak, as I begin asking him questions. Completely forgetting that some people are easily startled. But it’s too late and if I stop now, I might lose my nerve and have to wait for him to leave the building before I can ask my questions. Which wouldn’t be a problem except a number of people seem to be interested in the same man. Now that Pog has rudly interupted me once again and others are coming over to interject in our meeting, my instinct is that this is not safe. Indeed I should have waited until we could have discussed this outside. I try to convince the man to leave with me now so we can discuss matters in a safer venue.

Startled by the man in robes, who decided to not only cause a comotion but decided to sit beside me trapping me in the booth, I panic and hide again under my cloak before running from the building.

I take the time to calm down while listening to parts of the discussions while the priest is ambushed by Pog and the man in robes, David. No longer shaking I gather the courage to march into the building one last time and ask the question I needed answered. Tunaster agreed that the answers I was looking for may be found in the mysteries contained in the Temple of Mystra.

I left the inn in search of a good place to rest and think. I wanted to go to the forest not too far away, but the bear was the whole reason I was putting up with the pain in my head named Pog. If and when I can convince the druid to release the bear from his service we can happily part ways, but until then I needed to make sure that poor, beautiful bear was safe. And considering Pog was inside and likely to stay the night in this establishment, I saw no better place to wait out my stay than the roof.

After a while, Tunaster left followed by Pog and David who came out to convince me to join them for a meeting. Where else would a bunch of humanoid people what to meet but inside the damn building. Fire hazards and death traps and an abomination to nature. Grumbling I join them. Though for what good it did, I’m not sure.

Other than myself and the grossly unqualified Druid and his innocent bear (please don’t let him tell you it’s a dog), this gathering consisted of the following:

  • The icey glare of Anya, something along the lines of an ice princess, wizard I think and defintely human. She is very pretty and keeps quiet. I have a feeling that she would enjoy thowing rocks at my least favorite druid very soon too.
  • A most fascinating creature named Scotty, or Peelp, the red head child like creature is actually a goblinoid rogue. His disguises are masterful and insight my curiosity. I like him.
  • Then there was the mercenary looking man, Sal. He is observant and relaxed, though I am not sure I like the way his acquiescence to the Druid. Any fool can see this halfling failed his druid test. If Sal can’t then his intellegence is still to be determined. But at least we share an efficiency in melee fighting.
  • There was also David, the man in robes, a cleric of some sort. So things are looking good that I might actually get a chance to heal the pain in my head. If I can’t get rid of Pog any sooner, that is.

The meeting was mostly Pog being delusional but in the end I think we all decided to work together for a common purpose. Though I think that common purpose may have been gold and riches, or maybe it was drinking and sex. I’m still a little confused.

The plan is to do some recon with the changling. I do hope he shows me some of his other disguises.


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